While the kids were still on winter break, we drove to the country to spend a few days with my grandma. We were driving down the winding country road, almost to her house when up ahead we spotted a huge group of turkeys right in the road!

It was so neat to see them all up close. They didn't look terribly concerned about our car so we stopped completely and just watched as they casually crossed and walked into the woods. There must have been at least 40 of them!

It was a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. I wore this wool skirt that I made from fabric that my grandma picked up at an auction here in her town and a cardigan that I picked up recently at a pinup garage sale in my town.

 My husband helped my grandma's husband cut down some dead trees on the property so we mostly stayed indoors to stay out of their way but we did enjoy a little time running around in the meadow, the kids wishing it was summer so we could go fishing in the pond or catch blue tailed lizards that scurry through the leaves.

The next morning, while the kids played on the tire swing, I stopped by this fence line where the horses used to graze. I heard a funny noise and behind me I could see them crossing the road again. I turned my tripod just in time to spot this straggler running into the tree line. He (or she?) is the little black speck on the left side of the road. We saw so many animals during our visit but I think the turkeys were my favorite.

It was so quiet you could hear the leaves crunching under foot on the other side of the yard. We built a pillow fort in grandma's sewing room and the kids played while grandma and I worked on our computers. Later, grandma and Olivia made biscuits for breakfast the next day.  It was a wonderfully lazy afternoon.

70s mens button up shirt- thirfted
circle skirt- made by me
shoes- Ebay
vintage clutch- thirfted
cardigan- Pinup Garage Sale