On the last day at grandma's house, Pj woke up first. He stepped outside and quickly came back in to tell me there was a deer laying down in the yard right by the house! I slipped on my sweater and we quietly opened the back door facing the meadow to find a mama and two deer right in the back yard!

My grandma told us there was a mom and two baby deer who lived nearby. She saw one of the babies very shortly after it was born because its legs were still wobbly. They don't seem to mind grandma since she lives here but when they saw us, they dashed off with their white tails flashing behind them. It was such a neat thing to see first thing in the morning!

I love this meadow year round but the winter is such a beautiful time to see it. In the summer, there is a lot of overgrowth and you have to be careful out here to not step on a snake or something but in the winter, everything is dormant and you can really see every little plant and patch of moss close to the ground.

There are these pretty little fern type plants that creep along the ground and they look so fragile but from the frost the other morning and the running deer, I can tell that they're stronger than they look. Although I do miss the wild daisies that come with summer in this area, there's something to be said about the little hidden things that come when the flowers die off for the season.

Today I wore one of my favorite tops that I made with Simplicity 1364 and a skirt I made with vintage wool fabric with a stack of matching bakelite. This top is one I plan to sew again and again. I wore another made from this pattern recently but I did something funky with the neckline and it didn't turn out as the 60s slash neck top that I hoped so this time I was more careful to follow the instructions and take my time.

These fruit salad earrings are some of my favorites and they really don't get enough wear for how much I love them. I found them on my birthday two years ago. Pj and I had the day off while the kids were in school so we went to my favorite antique mall and I found these earrings and an applejuice bakelite bangle with glitter in it! What an amazing day of birthday shopping that was!  You can read more about how to identify bakelite here

Blouse- made by me from Simplicity 1364
Skirt- Made by me with vintage fabric
Shoes- BAIT Footwear
Vintage fruit earrings- St. Charles Antique Mall
Bakelite bangles- various places