On the first morning we spent at my grandmas house, we woke up to the most beautiful frost glazing every inch of the leaves, brambles and grass. It was a sunny, very cold morning and everything glittered. I wish the camera would have picked up the diamond dust look of it all but I don't think the pictures did it justice at all. You can see a sparkle here and there but its nothing like being there in person.

I'm glad that we went out to snap some pictures of my outfit because otherwise I would have been curled up under my warm blankets watching Lucy Worsley documentaries on YouTube, wearing my pajamas that say "Eggstra Sleepy" with fried eggs all over them. The frost only lasted about 2 hours after the sun came up and we haven't had another frost like it since. Some things are worth freezing your butt off for.

Speaking of freezing your butt off, I totally did not wear these shoes for any period of time that day. My sister in law got me a really cute pair of brown and pink fuzzy lined moccasins for Christmas and I basically live in them now but they don't go with every outfit so sometimes I slip into something pretty just for pictures and then slip right back into my cozy moccasins.

Sometimes my slippers are just out of the frame so I can hop right out of these heels before going back inside. On this day, though, the slippers were inside and these heels sank right into the slightly softened rocks and moss and I fell over!

While taking these pictures, I heard a noise that sounded like a hyena coming from the tree line. I looked over and saw about 6 wild turkeys hopping down from the trees to start their morning. I didn't know turkeys hang out in trees but apparently they root in high branches over night to stay safe from predators on the ground. 

On this day I wore a plaid skirt that I made by taking apart a too small, heavily pleated thrift store skirt and made it into a pencil skirt for myself. I also re-wore my Dolly and Dotty Sabrina cape, (see it again here) which is one of my favorite accessories. I was on the phone with my sister one day, talking about work dress codes and she said her work has a code against wearing capes. She said " Who wears a cape?!" and I said "Dude, I wore one this morning." She laughed "Of course you did!"

This vintage purse was an amazing Goodwill Outlet find. I arrived on a very busy Saturday, not expecting to find anything and it was just sitting in a bin! With how popular this style has been lately, I couldn't believe no one else picked it up. I snapped it up for 25 cents. Its so pretty, it usually sits on top of a vintage cabinet in my living room when not in use. You can find this exact same vintage style bamboo purse on Amazon and it comes in a few different colors!

Sabrina Cape- Dolly and Dotty
Vintage Peasant Blouse- Estate sale
Pencil Skirt- made by me
vintage style bamboo purse- shop similar

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