On Christmas morning, I opened up the most amazing purse from Daffny of A Vintage Nerd. Its the funniest rubber Chicken Purse and it matches my chicken, Chickadee perfectly! I love a crazy purse in wild colors because when I'm running out the door, its always easy to find. Well, a chicken definitely stands out enough I'll always know where it is!

Not surprisingly, my chicken (and neighbor chicken who comes to visit) are a bit freaked out by the chicken purse. Back to the neighbor chicken though....

This is Miss Scarlett, she lives two doors down. I don't know if her owner is really paying attention to her anymore so she started hopping the fence to hang out with my neighbor's chicken a few months ago. He feeds and waters them and she has good company in his yard.

 Eventually she discovered that I am the proprietress of Mrs. Sherman's Home for Wayward Chickens and decided to hop the fence again and enjoy all of the bounty of my yard. She rolls around in the dust bath, eats the snacks and has a great time playing with my Chickadee all day. They roam around and chatter with each other and have daily chicken play dates. 

Sometimes Chickadee has to peck her in the head and set her straight if she oversteps her bounds but they get along pretty well. She was terrified of us at first but now that we pet her and feed her and say nice  things to her daily, she has learned to trust us and come trotting over when I call. At night she hops the fences again and goes home to her own coop. She has the prettiest, super long wing feathers. 

I guess it was a few months ago this cute, beat up car arrived in the alley by my neighbor's garage. He loves to collect old vehicles and fix them up. I don't know what he'll do with this but I love the color and when its done, its going to be darling! 

 Today I wore my polka dot top that I made from the Tilly and the Buttons Coco Blouse. Its one of my favorite patterns and I really need to make more. This fabric is pretty thin but it makes a good all-season top and although I didn't add any interfacing or anything to stiffen the collar, I like the way it drapes. Please pardon the dirt on it from happy scratchy chicken feet.

Polka Dot Blouse- Made by Me with Tilly and the Buttons Coco Pattern
Belt- Unique Vintage
Skirt- Thrifted
Chicken Purse- Amazon

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