The Vintage Hashtag Library : 300+ copy and paste vintage hashtags for instagram


the vintage hashtag library 300+ vintage inspired hashtags for bloggers, vintage sellers, influencers and beauty gurus

For the past few weeks, I've been working on a vintage inspired hashtag library. This spreadsheet has over 300 vintage/retro hashtags that you can copy and paste right into your Instagram post and they're organized by category! I often spend a lot of time trying to think of hashtags and checking which ones actually have a decent amount of users. I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I had a list on my phone by category and I could just copy and paste?" What a time saver that would be!

This library has hashtags for pinup girls, historical vintage girls, vintage bloggers, vintage sellers, beauty gurus and more. I also included 20 accounts that may share your post if you tag them, which can really help connect with new accounts and get some new exposure to your Instagram profile.

You can pick and choose from different categories or rank high in one. I also included some community hashtags created by other bloggers that are popular on Instagram and twitter as well. If you're into vintage hair, use my hashtag #pincurlclub and tag me @pincurlclub with your vintage hair looks.

To get the vintage hashtag library delivered to your inbox for free when you sign up for my email newsletter.  The hashtag library is in a Google Spreadsheet so you can save it to your phone.

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instagram hashtag library for vintage and pinup hashtags


  1. This is truly amazing! I've spent a lot of time creating my own "library" on my phone. At first I didn't know how much hashtags meant, then I tried to learn from the best and note those that got traffic. I've signed up for your newsletter, which I will LOVE to receive, since I've really missed it, but perhaps I'm blind - but I cannot find where to download it!? Have a lovely day, dear. :)

  2. Sorry, I just received it in my first mail from you. Looks SO great, thanks for making this huge collection and sharing it with us. I will look forward to receiving future mails from you. More great day to you. :)


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