Pj finished work early and got to come home so we made some lunch and went on a walk near the Missouri river together. Last fall around this time, I had pneumonia and was in bed for several weeks and I missed a lot of my favorite season so this year, I'm going to savor every moment of fall.  The weather is finally starting to be sweater appropriate and I'm so glad because I thrifted several plus size sweaters the other day. I don't often find button-up tops that work for me without the button gap so this was a nice surprise. I love the beautiful green of this one but it did have a tiny hole in the arm. A few quick stitches fixed it up and I strengthened the stitching on the buttons too.

Lately my feet have been killing me from wearing ballet flats. I wanted to find something vintagey with arch support that I can wear with anything and slip on quickly to get the kids on and off the bus. Although I do run to the bus stop barefoot most days, I know snow is around the corner and that won't be an option anymore. I found these simple brown loafers, which are so comfortable. I know a lot of ladies aren't a fan of loafers. They're not super cute or pretty but they're a classic. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn have been photographed wearing loafers and they work with casual 40s-60s styles so they work for me!

The woods were so quiet and pretty today. There's a lot of trees that were washed up with the floods this spring that are starting to break down and grow beautiful blankets of moss. I'll definitely have to take the kids for a nature walk over here very soon.

green sweater- thrifted
houndstooth pants- thrifted
mustard purse- Target, years ago
velevet hairbow- made by me.