This week is dreadfully hot in St Louis with highs almost to 100 degrees every day. Its been hard to get out of the house or wear makeup without it melting right off. Lately, I've been going outside in the early morning before the sun hits the back yard to let the kids play in the pool and enjoy my patio.

This spring, I did a little work on my patio area, giving everything a fresh coat of paint. I bought this adorable pineapple umbrella from Target and a few pink accessories from Ikea like the throw pillows, watering can and a little pot for my cactus. I can't mount anything to the outer walls of the house so I spray painted some of these metal grid walls gold and found some small wire hooks to hang pots and garden tools. Its not finished yet but its coming along nicely!

retro pineapple patio umbrella from Target

I love to sit out here and read or knit while the kids play. We're growing some veggies so I come out around breakfast time to water everything and get a few minutes of quiet time before the day begins.

We've been taking advantage of the library a lot this summer too. I'm not a big reader but I want to be! With everything else that I love to do, I don't make a lot of time to be quiet and still enough to enjoy a few pages so patio time is a good time for that. This week, I'm reading this wonderful collection of short stories by Alice Hoffman, author of Practical Magic (Which is very different from the movie but equally wonderful). Blackbird House, much like Practical Magic, has heavy themes of love, loss, magic and dreamlike East Coast towns. Each story somehow ties into the same small house.

plus size pinup style Bridget Bardot inspired pencil skirt and wide headband

With the heat and humidity, I've been looking to late 50s-60s starlets for style inspiration. Today's outfit was inspired by Bridget Bardot. She always knew how to look stylish and super comfy.

I altered the neckline on this Target tee and paired it with a simple pencil skirt and ballet flats. Some knit fabric scraps made an easy headband to keep my hair out of my face in about 2 minutes! While I'm trying to strategically dress to cool off, Rhys is usually trying desperately to get me to allow him to wear his winter wear in July.

blue tee- Target
black skirt- thrifted
gray flats-walmart
headband-made by me