On Wednesday, Pj had another rain out day so we walked to the river in the morning so he could play with his new under water camera. I brought an umbrella along since it had been raining off and on all morning but we lucked out and barely had a sprinkle.

It has been raining a lot lately and the water level is much higher than usual. I love walking down there and seeing how the banks change. With each flood brings new rocks, shells, driftwood and fallen trees. Living so close to the river, we often get dense fog in the neighborhood. Spring hasn't coated everything in green yet and the scenery looked like everything had the color drained out of it with the exception of a few tufts of weeds sprouting out of the mud. While I was setting my tripod up, I was startled by a quick movement at my feet. I looked down and found this cute little guy! We put him in the fallen tree after snapping his picture.

 Today I tried my new clip-in bangs. I've never tried hair extensions or clip ins before and I was worried about finding something that would come close to my hair color. I like to play with bangs sometimes but every time I've cut them, I immediately regret the decision so this seemed like a pretty good alternative. I found these real hair clip in bangs on Amazon for less than $15. I didn't expect much for the price but they're not too bad. They arrived already red but I dyed them to match when I colored my hair and they turned out pretty darn close! I think my natural hair color is actually a mousy brown so next time I'll order the brown ones and see if they're even closer.

I haven't been wearing any of my beautiful vintage hats lately and this straw beret caught my eye on the way out the door. Since I knew it would be windy, I fastened it with a hat pin before we left home.

This jacket is one of my new favorite finds. I thought the floral print and colors were very 1960s but its actually from Old Navy. It's very spring-like and good to throw over my pajamas when I walk the kids to the bus stop in the morning.

straw beret: vintage  |  cream top and blue skirt: thrifted  | jacket: Old Navy, thrifted  | shoes: ebay  | brooch: vintage, antique mall  | bangs: Amazon