10 ways to wear a vintage hair flower retro hair styling tutorial

Flowers are a perfect way to add some classic vintage charm to your look. Wear big ones or small ones, singles or clusters, all colors and varieties! Throughout history, ladies have adorned themselves in colorful blooms and our favorite vintage decades are no exception.

I picked a gorgeous hair flower from ChatterBlossom to show you 10 ways to wear one hair flower. Chatter Blossom flowers are lovingly handmade, using authentic vintage flowers. The backing has multiple slits so you can move the clip around and style the flower differently.  I picked this cluster of white blooms with green leaves to stand out in my orangey hair and you can't go wrong with white, it goes with everything! Throughout October, Jamie is giving Va-Voom Vintage readers 10% off their order at Chatter Blossom with code VAVOOMVINTAGE10 throughout the month of October 2016!

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Here are 10 ways to wear a hair flower....

Dress up a scarf turban

how to wear a hair flower with a vintage scarf turban

 My hair is in pin curls here but if I have to go out with pins in, I like to take out the front pins and keep it curly and put a scarf turban on. Fold a pretty scarf into a triangle and put the scarf on, with the point over your forehead and the long edge at the nape of your neck. Tie the scarf on top of your head. Fold the triangle backwards and tuck it into the knot. Tuck the long ends into the sides. Clip your hair flower into the side of the turban

how to tie a vintage scarf turban

With a Poodle Updo
how to do I love lucy vintage hair poodle updo
Now I've taken my pin curls out and my hair is super curly. Pull the back section of hair into a ponytail on top of your head. Section the front into 3 sections, two ponytails on each side and leave the bangs down. Pin your bangs up if they're too long. Arrange the curls to cover your head, hairline and the hair ties. Clip a hair flower into the side

how to do I love lucy vintage hair poodle updo

Betty Grable rolls 

how to wear a hair flower with vintage victory roll updo tutorial

how to wear a hair flower with vintage victory roll updo tutorial

I've taken that curly poodle down and section the hair from in front of my ear out for the rolls. Roll the first, large roll, then clip your large hair flower in. Place the last roll right next to the flower. See my full Betty Grable victory roll tutorial for more detailed instructions on this look and how to get those rolls just right.

 With a snood 

bumper bangs and vintage hair snood hair styling tutorial

Section a large semi-circle out for the faux bangs. I've taken a mesh hair rat (mine is called Hot Buns) and rolled the hair around it snugly. Pin into a u-shape and smooth the hair over with your fingers to cover the rat. Bring the rest into a snood and clip the flower into place on the side.  Don't have a snood? Check out my shop, Tinseltown Accessories for lots of handmade snoods made by me.

bumper bangs and vintage hair snood hair styling tutoria

 Gibson roll

gibson roll hair flower vintage hair styling tutorial

  On hot days a gibson roll is a favorite quick style and much fancier than a pony tail! Take a mesh bun form and pin it into a U shape at the back of your head. Gather your hair up and tuck it into the mesh, pinning all along. Clip your hair flower into the middle or off to the side

                                             gibson roll hair flower vintage hair styling tutoria

To conceal non-cooperating victory rolls 

1940s victory roll hair tutorial

Some days, no matter when you do, its impossible to get two matching rolls or sometimes, the hair on one side just won't cooperate! Pin your first roll into place and pull that irritating other side back with a side comb or bobby pins and clip your flower in. The bulk of a large flower balances out one victory roll

Sleek and chic pageboy or flip

pinup hair style tutorial

A simple and elegant favorite starts with a basic pin curl set. Spray dry shampoo into the bangs and back comb them for height. Sculpt a wave with your fingers. Use a comb to brush from the top of the head to the base of your head. Shape the ends of the hair into a flip or brush them under for a Dita-inspired pageboy. Clip a hair flower to the side. See my full tutorial for how to style this pageboy, including a pin curl set.


In a chignon

  If your hair doesn't want to cooperate with a gibson tuck, a chignon is a great alternative. My mesh form snaps together to form a donut. Pull your hair into a ponytail, I like mine down low. Slide the ponytail through the donut and cover the donut with sections of hair, pinning them down. If your hair is long enough, you can roll the donut downwards as you roll your hair around it, like this tutorial. Pin your flower to the side of your chignon


With a braided updo 

This is an easy 1940s hairstyle that I found in a magazine ages ago. Clip a long scarf to the top of your head. Part your hair down the middle and braid two pigtails, incorporating the scarf into the braids. Wrap an elastic around the ends and tie the scarf ends into a bow at the back of your head. Clip your hair flower over the bow or on the side of your hair scarf. 

As a corsage

Aside from a hair accessory, you can use your hair flowers to embellish a handbag or as a corsage on your coat or dress.

Thank you to Chatter Blossom for supplying this beautiful hair flower and be sure to stop over and check out her selection of authentic vintage flowers in her etsy shop!