I'm a sucker for vintage booklets on fashion, beauty, etiquette and anything strange. I have several on periods in the 1940s, which I will absolutely be sharing here too because they're just too weird to not!

Today I thought you'd all get a kick out of this 1941 Charm Chart booklet, which was supposed to go along with a home economics course book called "Clothes with Character" by Hazel Thompson Craig and Ola Day Rush. You can read Clothes with Character for free on the Hathi Trust Digital Library, just click the "full view" button at the bottom of the entry. The book is available for download as a PDF as well.

This booklet has a lot of fun little illustrations, guides to seeing which colors suit you, a chart detailing what clothes you have in your closet, how to arrange your hair to conceal problem areas and things that were great concern to ladies back then. From what I gather by the pencil marks, this book belonged to a curly haired girl named Loretta who enjoyed cooking, dancing, movies, reading and described herself with Coquette personality type. I've digitally removed Loretta's marks so you can do an at-home study of this fashion course and make your own marks in the Charm Chart.

                                   Download The 21 page 1941 Charm Chart for free from Dropbox