This week on Va-Voom Vintage, we're talking about my favorite accessory, the snood! A snood is a knitted or crocheted net that you can slip over your hair for the quickest, easiest vintage hairstyle ever. They work on all different lengths and hair types. As a busy mom, they're my go-to.  Hair snoods go all the way back to medieval Europe, where they were beaded and embellished by upper class stylish ladies. Civil War era women depended on snoods to keep their extremely long hair up as well. During WWII, when women went to work, scarves and snoods were necessary to keep their hair from getting caught up in machines and to keep it out of their way while they worked. Today, vintage girls rely on snoods for a quick, easy and authentic hairstyle. There's a ton of ways to wear them, accessorize them and they're easy to find.
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Today I want to share some snood inspiration from the 1940s. Tomorrow,  we'll talk about how to put a snood on, along with some tips on how to wear them