free 1950s bulky short sleeve jacket knitting pattern

EDIT: This pattern has a typo! The correction is as follows:

Next 2 rows. SLEEVES: Cast on 15 (17,19) sts at end of each row. Work even in pattern on 111 (119, 127) sts for 6 1/2 (7, 7) inches ending at sleeve edge.

A few weeks ago, I found a sushi coupon in the mail and since it was date night anyway, Pj and I went out for dinner at our favorite sushi place. After dinner, we decided to postpone grocery shopping as long as possible and instead, went to the craft and fabric stores, just for fun. I almost bought some stuff for a new idea I had for my etsy shop but instead, I found some beautiful yarn on clearance and decided to spend a few weeks making something pretty for myself.

a peek at my yarn from my Instagram

I've never knitted with this super bulky yarn before but its so soft and the color was beautiful. I love to wear green in the winter. I find that surrounding myself in green, yellow and beautiful summer colors really helps with my seasonal depression. So, I picked up 5 skeins of this Deborah Norville Serenity yarn in Emerald and when we picked the kids up from my mother in law's house, I borrowed a couple pairs of vintage knitting needles from her Granny's knitting box.

free 1950s bulky short sleeve jacket knitting pattern

I had no idea what I wanted to make but I was leaning towards a cardigan or a cape. I love my vintage knitted cape and thought it would be really beautiful to make one in this green. Unfortunately, I really couldn't find a pattern that I thought would suit this bulky yarn. I did, however, find my 1950s pattern book, Hats, Bags and Bulky Sweaters number 107 and it has this boxy, bulky jacket that I've had my eye on for a few years.

This fall and winter, I will be waiting at the bus stop so I wanted something cozy that I could slip into and dash out the door to get Olivia on and off the school bus. I love having big fluffy jackets and sweaters to curl up in on the couch and wear around the house. Living in a 1930s home can be very drafty in the winter and this yarn is practically blanket material! 

If you would like to knit the Gay and Casual boxy too, download the pattern for free from Dropbox.
This is a very simple, quick pattern and great for beginners to jump into.