Here's a fun summery look to try. I wore this hairstyle both last summer and few weekends ago when we went camping. It was great for playing in the river all day because it kept my hair out of my way and it stayed put, even in the heat.

vintage poodle pin curl hair style with braids

easy vintage poodle pin curl hair style with braids

Start by sectioning off the hair from the top of your head to your bangs and lining up with the edges of your eyebrows at the sides.  Tie the rest back into a ponytail for now

Split this hair into about 10 sections, more if you can! Pin curl each section into stand-up pin curls. To do this, take one small section and hit it with a little hairspray or dry shampoo. Backcomb at the root to give it some long-lasting height.

wrap the end around your finger. Remove your finger and hold the hair like a disc, rolling it down toward the scalp. Pin into place my inserting a pin into the tiny roll.

Repeat with all 10 sections.  If your bangs are tricky, you can use more hairspray or dry shampoo for grip and roll it around something small like a mascara tube.

Next, part the rest of your hair down the middle and braid into equal pigtails.

Finish off with a sheer scarf

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