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 This morning, my little girl got on the bus to go to her first day of school as a kindergartener and I'm feeling so excited and so devastated at the same time!

Many of you have been reading this blog since the beginning, when my little girl, Olivia was just 3 months old. You've seen her go from being a little baldy girl to a grown up, stylish little lady.

 The bus pulled up and I thought she must be really nervous but she ran up the stairs and wasn't going to stop for pictures until the driver told her to turn around and smile at mom. She picked a seat and was too busy waving at a friend from up the street to wave at mom, dad and grannie out the window. She's ready!

What I wasn't fully prepared for was her poor little brother. He was all excited about this school stuff until he saw his other half hop on that bus and drive away, out of sight.

He cried "I miss Olivia!"
His Grannie tried to reassure him that she'll be home soon. She said "Will you make her a card for when she comes home today?" "no." he sobbed. "Will you make her a lego house?" "no." He trudged up the front steps, came inside and plopped in front of his lego box with teary eyes.

We spent a long time talking about all of the things we will do together, just the two of us. We can cook, watch movies, go to the park with our friends, play games, build legos. I'll climb under the tents we'll make with blankets and we'll eat popcorn. We'll play in the pool and in the snow, just the two of us. And next year, he can start school too.

I'm very excited about this big change, though. Olivia will love school and while she's away, Rhys and I will have lots of time together to get him ready for his big day next fall. Without the world's biggest mess maker in the house, I look forward to getting more blogging in, lots of sewing projects, knitting and cooking. It's strange not knowing what she's doing every minute of the day but it's a very welcome change. It's been a few hours since she got on the bus and even Rhys is enjoying himself!  I can't wait for her to come home to hear all about her first day of school!


  1. I just saw that same backpack at the store. I really wanted it, but I have zero need for a backpack ;D

  2. Aw, how sweet that her little brother missed her so much. That's so adorable!

  3. Where does the time go? Seems she was just a baby. Olivia will do wonderfully in school. You must be so proud!

  4. Awww, poor little brother. Is kindergarten half or full day in your area? For your son's sake, I hope it's half day. :-)

    Your daughter has gorgeous hair!

  5. Oh, she's such a big girl now! I also remember her as a baby, time flies. And it is tough when your children start in school, also for their siblings. But he will soon be used to getting spoiled by his lovely mommy. ;) And you can look forward to getting a LOT of spare time for doing what you want to do, dear. :) My son (he's 22) moved two years ago, and I've started working part time (I have Wednesdays off) 1½ year ago - and I LOVE it! Now I can finally sew and be creative. Wishing you a lovely day, dear.

  6. Wow! Kindergarten already? Time has really flown!

    Poor Rhys!

  7. Oh dear, I'm about to send off my twins to kindergarten in two weeks, not sure if I can keep from crying before the bus pulls out. I'm just sweating thinking about it LOL. Girls are always so brave when it comes to these things, I'm glad it went well for her. Her little brother is so sweet, he's going to love sharing her stories about adventures at school and be so excited when his time comes.

  8. Olivia is beautiful. A big milestone for all of you!

  9. Oh my , I can't believe that Olivia is already going to school, when I first found your blog, she was maybe a year old.. wow....
    She is so pretty ,just like her mom.. So sad for Rhys.. Know he will miss his play mate. My daughter is 4 yrs older than her brother.. He too, was heart broken when she started school.

  10. Aww! Good luck Olivia! You're such a sweet little lady and I know you'll enjoy school♥

  11. Heartwarmingly sweet post. It has been a very special treat to watch your beautiful children grow up through your posts and I too, having been a follower of yours for many years now, and floored by how quickly the years have flown by and that Olivia is already heading off to school. It sounds like she's eager to go, which is wonderful! Here's to a great school year!

    ♥ Jessica


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