The Almost Destroyed 40s Dress


I found this dress in a warehouse, at the bottom of a box that had previously been in a warehouse that caught fire. It made its way from the original owner to a fabric recycler but somehow along the way it crossed paths with me. Funny how things are found when they could have been so easily destroyed.

Sadly, I haven't required the need of a fancy dress in a long time so I decided to just start wearing these things on regular days too because why not?

plus size vintage 1940s dress via va voom vintage with Brittany

vintage pageboy hairstyle and red 1940s hat from Va Voom Vintage with Brittany

1940s beaded dress and pageboy retro hairstyle via Va Voom Vintage with Brittany


  1. And you look magnificent in it!

  2. That is a very beautiful color combination, and the dress looks great on you! Is that crepe fabric? The shoulder detailing is fabulous also. No tags? And you've coordinated it quite nicely with the maroon..

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    2. Oh wait! At first I couldn't find tags but I did find a tiny one from Lane Bryant!

  3. This is FABULOUS! I love the blue details and the triangle at the top. So subtle and classy. I'm SO glad you saved it!

  4. Stunning! How fantastic that you were able to find and save this timelessly glamorous dress. It looks breathtaking on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. What a lovely dress! I am so glad you saved it. Such great details, do wear it often, you look smashing. :)

  6. Gorgeous dress - I love that eau de nil detailing. It's great that you were able to save it.

  7. Truly elegant! The shoulder detail is very unusual and interesting. I love vintage pieces with unique details! You look fab!

  8. No way!! What a beautiful find! The contrasting fabric is so dear and it has quite a lot of details!! And it looks amazing on you too.

  9. Beautiful! A good thing you were able to save it and it didn't get destroyed. I don't blame you for wearing "fancy" for everyday. It's like using good "company" dishes for family.

  10. Wow. You're right, don't wait for some event that might not happen, do YOU every day!

    Fabulous. Imagine if we all dressed like this and banished track suits and trainers for a day! Imagine if the guys wore suits and hats.

    I think I need to go and watch some film noir!

  11. This is beautiful. I am all for wearing the good clothes everyday. It's amaing how things can come to us, what a miracle it was saved by the fire. i have a lot of scorched vintage linens that my grandmother's embroidered, that were almost destroyed by fire. As sad as it makes me that these pieces are not whole, I am so grateful it survived as well as it did. One day I will do something with them, but it's hard to work out how to best showcase them

  12. Bravo. This was meant for you, B.

  13. Whoa, stunning frock! I'm so glad you saved it, it really is so pretty and looks wonderful on you. :) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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