10 Under $10 Pin-Up Girl Staples


I live for a great bargain. Every week, we take the kids to the dollar tree to pick out a treat to have during our family movie night and I get so excited over all of the pretty glittery nail polishes, 100 hair ties for $1 and adorable print tote bags! Today I want to share 10 of my can't-live-without items for $10 or less for the pin-up girl on a shoe string budget.

retro pin-up girl style on a budget 10 staples under $10 from Va-Voom Vintage

ballet flats- A fabulous pair of heels can't be beat but I practically live in my black ballet flats. They're so feminine and they definitely pull an outfit together better than lazy day flip flops! one $10 pair of flats will last from spring through to fall. Wear them with circle skirts, pencil skirts, capris and dresses.

matte red lipstick- every vintage loving girl has a tube of red lipstick tucked away. My favorites are from Nyx. The high pigment and matte finish has great staying power and for $6, you can buy a few of the 30 colors in the collection! I love Perfect Red, which is the ideal 1940s shade of blue-red and Indie Flick, a gorgeous orangey/coral.

gel liner- Another favorite from NYX is the black gel liner for $9. Use a fine tipped brush and get total control over the thickness and sharpness of your winged eyeliner.

foam rollers- For a long time, I couldn't figure out how to use foam rollers without my hair turning into a clown wig but I've recently perfected it and I know that I can rely on my inexpensive foam roller for flawless curls and waves every time. I found my set from Conair $10

teasing brush- I don't ever do my hair without a teasing brush on hand. Use it to give great height to beehives or make victory rolls a breeze. With a teasing brush, I can get a perfect vintage hairstyle in under 5 minutes with no extra pin curls or product needed! This one is available from Sally Beauty for $4.99

wide belts- Cinch in your waist and add a pop of color with a wide elastic belt. I love the little nip in the middle that I get with these and you can wear them with any skirt, dress or cigarette pants. Choose from 24 colors for 9.50 each on Amazon

seamed stockings- Nude stockings with nude seams are a classic element of a vintage style wardrobe. I don't wear them often but when the special occasion is around the corner, I order very affordable plus size seamed Cuban heel stockings from for $7.85 per pair ($8.85 for plus size). They have great stretch for long legs and full thighs!

cold cream- take off makeup and moisturize super dry skin with the same cream trusted by grandma and classic Hollywood starlets. There's lots of brands out there but I love Ponds for $4.99 at Target

mesh bun form- Cut it up to pad your beehives, shape faux bangs or do a classic chignon. You can find them at the dollar tree or any drug store for a few bucks. All summer I've been using my snapable mesh forms from Hot Buns ($10 for a 2 pack), which I love because you don't have to cut them up! Just snap and unsnap for flat forms or round ones. I pin them at my crown for a really easy beehive like in this tutorial. 

chiffon scarves- tie them in a Rosie style to cover your pin curls, in a perky bow or around your neck. I can't get enough sheer scarves in my life. Mine are mostly vintage that I find in thrift stores for 99 cents or so but if your thrift stores are having a scarf drought, choose from 11 colors for $5.99 each from Hey Viv!

I hope that you enjoyed my must-have collection. What's your budget item that you can't live without?


  1. Hi , I love this. Lots of things I will be picking up. I found Hot Buns unopened at a thrift store. I love it. I have misplaced the smaller one. I figured something that works this good probably cost $30 to start with. Silly me, now I know I can afford a new set!!!!!!!

    1. Oh awesome! I found mine on clearance at walmart for $3! I use them all the time!

  2. Really fun post! I live for a great deal as well! On top of many of the items listed here, some of my stylish, budget friendly must haves are bobby pins, red nail polish (from Sally Hansen to Essie, thankfully I can still find plenty of nice brands for under $10), hair flowers, and skinny faux leather belts (from overseas sellers on eBay).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh, I love it! The black eyeliner (although I think I use an even cheaper one!), red lipstick, and teasing comb are all essentials at my vanity. I'll have to order some of those stockings... I don't like shelling out a ton for something that will get runs sooner rather than later. And I really do need to find a wide elastic belt that works for me. I have a few dresses and shirts that blouse out aggressively but most of the wide belts I find are designed for a slightly larger waist and have no nipping-in power on me.

  4. I am just "officially" getting started in vintage living, but I already have a lot of these...I have always wanted to, I guess but I didn't know it was a thing.


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