Dutchtown Bazaar 2015


Last Saturday, my mother in law watched the kids and Pj and I went to vend my Wacky Tuna wares at the Dutchtown Bazaar here in St. Louis. This was my first craft show on my own, last time I shared a booth space with my friend, Erin of Yellow Bird Gifts. I didn't know if I had enough stuff to even fill a whole space but I guess I made more than I thought!

I had a whole new display for everything this time around, with some vintage wooden baskets, a vintage picnic basket and some wine crates and shelves from my grandma's stash. The snood baskets were from the barn in the country and I was so excited when they said I could bring a couple home. When not in use at the craft shows, I think I'll keep craft supplies for the little ones in them, in the kitchen.

It was a very hot day in St Louis but it was fun getting out and meeting new crafty friends and seeing some old ones too. We brought home some vintage toys for the little ones and I found some new summer wedges for myself. Pj got some pics of me hanging out on Instagram


  1. Absolutely gorgeous display/set up and array of offerings (I especially love the painted shutter + clothes pegs - great idea!). I hope that sales were good for you that day.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow, it looks so lovely. I hope you sold a lot, dear. :)

  3. Fab stall, you did a great job! Everything looks so professional.

  4. All looks amazing! Glad you had a good day too!

  5. Your stall looks so cute! I hope everyone loved your stuff and bought the heck out of it!

    I would just have one word of advice: be careful with the bushel baskets. They are generally made out of very rough, unfinished wood, and they could tug the strings out of your snoods. That being said, it's super cute to store things in them. So what I did in my own studio (I keep yarn in them tucked into the big bottom shelf of my bookshelf) was I draped a colorful piece of fabric in the bin and put the yarn in on top of that. It uses the cute bushel basket AND doesn't allow my yarn to get trashed!

    Obviously this is just my two cents. :-P I hope you're loving the craft fairs!


    1. Thanks for the tip! They're very old too and since they've been in the barn for ages, they were pretty dusty when I got them. I was thinking about sewing some sort of lining in cute vintagey fabric to go inside to protect the snoods. Thinking about the threads being pulled out and hours of work ruined, now I definitely will!! :)

  6. We used to follow each other on my old account, Betty2Tone, I just wanted to say hello again!

  7. Do you ever do markets up in Chicago? I know your booth would definitely catch my eye if you did, your wares are so cute. I hope you had good luck selling!

  8. What a nice display!...also Your outfit is so pretty!....cheers!


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