diy 1940s fashion

This year, I really wanted to use what I have a buy less. The modern woman typically has more clothes, shoes and accessories than any of our grandmothers did. They used their crafty talents and smart style to create different outfits from just a few pieces.

 Every month from now till December, I'll put together one fabulous 1940s inspired outfit with a little bit of sewing and a few basics. This calendar of fashion is from my 1940s book The Complete Book of Sewing, which is a staple in many of our sewing book collections.  You can join along too. Here's our foundation items that you'll need for each outfit

40s Fashion Calendar Foundation Items
1 winter coat in any color or fabric that you like
1 small brimmed hat in any fabric, in a neutral color. Mine will be straw
1 simple suit (skirt and jacket) in a neutral color
1 dark colored bolero (will discuss patterns to sew your own)
1 pillbox hat in a neutral color (will provide a tutorial to sew your own)
1 basic dress in any solid color and in a non-sheer fabric

edit: If you don't have a suit, you can pair any skirt with a blazer, jacket or cardigan! The book recommends a suit because that was typical for any lady in the 40s but we're modern girls so don't be afraid to get creative and make the look your own!  My "suit" is a thrifted navy 70s skirt and a 40s jacket. Definitely not matching but they're both navy so it works for me!

These items can be vintage or modern, new or something from your closet already. This is a great opportunity to wear some of the boring, plain things that get stashed in the back. To complete the look, you'll want a simple pair of comfortable shoes. I picked two- thrifted brown loafers and black t-straps with a low heel.

Each month, we'll add something to each piece or remove things that we've added previously. Some months will include a little sewing like making collars for a jacket or whipping up a simple 40s blouse.  If you play along, you can use #40sfashioncalendar to show what you made