I get pretty sick of Christmas movies before December 1st. A Christmas story plays on an endless loop for about 4 days straight and I get burnt out on the typical holiday movie offerings as well. Here are 6 festive films that you can enjoy all season but are particularly wonderful around the holidays.

Love, Actually
I watched this movie probably 8 times in the past two weeks. It is my absolute favorite Christmas movie and probably one of my top 10 faves of all time.  It's funny, heartwarming and really does show all different forms of love.

The Holiday
 A pretty recent Christmas movie that I came to love but somehow always forget about is The Holiday. Two women travel overseas to swap houses for Christmas vacation and to get away from their problems and somehow find exactly what they were looking for...and I adore Jack Black and Kate Winslet!

Edward Scissorhands
Maybe a little more obvious but Edward Scissorhands is always on our family movie night list for December!

8 Women (8 Femmes) 
In this French musical set in the 1950s, 8 very different women go to a Christmas family get-together when the wealthy patriarch of the family is murdered. This funny pick has fabulous vintage costumes and is a refreshing change for a holiday movie.

Catch Me If You Can
It's not exactly a Christmas movie but it does have a few important holiday scenes and I find myself always watching it around this time of year. Catch Me If You Can is the true story of a teenage con artist in the 1960s who works as a doctor, a lawyer and an airline pilot, forging checks and living the good life along the way. He is stalked by an FBI agent who is desperate to catch him and they form an unlikely life long friendship.

The Life of Brian
A silly tale that begins with very different nativity story from the Monty Python crew - highly quotable with a lot of good laughs!