No Pajamas at the Grocery Store


I woke up this morning and quickly realized that there was nothing in the house for breakfast so we had to dash to the store. I fell asleep with hair still in braids and makeup on, too tired to drag myself to the bathroom to wash it off and my makeup wipes had vanished. I had about 5 minutes to get out the door.

freshen up quickly with brushing teeth and washing face
re-braid hair or put it up in a scarf
toss on a house dress and flats
scribble down a grocery list

also manged to grab a belt to feel a bit more put together and I was out the door in 5.

It's not the epitome of vintage fabulousness but it's certainly better than wearing my Hello Kitty pajama pants to the grocery store. I know it's the norm to run to the store for a gallon of milk and eggs in sleepwear but really, it's messy and let's face it- gross! I saw a girl at Walmart a few weeks ago wearing black panties and a tank top. To the store. In public. Not wearing pants.

Here's another example of my typical grocery store wear. Capri pants, button up blouse, slide-on shoes like wedges. Since my hair is a mess and I don't have time for  makeup, a scarf and sunglasses does the trick and takes less than 20 seconds.  Also out the door in 5 minutes.

 It's not hard to show respect for myself and others by wearing real clothes to the grocery store and truly, it takes no time at all. I know some people say that they don't care what strangers think about them but when one person puts effort into their appearance, it does make an impact on others. Not to mention, isn't it nice to receive compliments while shopping?


  1. Leave it to Walmart to gross you out sometimes! There certainly are some characters there. I know what you mean about looking your best when you go out someplace. I always dress up whenever I go somewhere, even if it's just the market. I don't put on the old ball gown or my tiara, but I try to look pretty even if I just throw on some jeans, a blouse, and some jewelry. I always see people that dress inappropriately. And sometimes I think what is so hard about taking off pajamas and putting some jeans on? Or the itty bitty tank tops and shorts that people wear! Eww, I do no want to see that far up your thigh! But I guess everyone is different. It doesn't mean that I can't look pretty even if I'm just going to the market. After all you never know if you might be on t.v. :)

  2. I love, love, love your house dress. This is the kind of thing I could live in. I have a few dresses that I consider my everyday house dresses and I am never more comfortable than when I am wearing them. I believe if women started wearing things like this, and seeing how comfortable and easy to wear basic dresses are, they would make a comeback!

  3. You are SO right!!! I would never go to a store in pajamas... but I think it's typicaly american, I have seen so many people in the US wearing strange and inappropriate outfits to go out, people in France at least wear jeans and t-shirt if they don't feel like dressing up. But during our trips in the US, I saw people at grocery store in pajamas, shorts that seemed to be underwear... people want to feel comfortable, that's it!

  4. I could not agree with you more!! I saw the title of your post and didn't even read it before I yelled at my old man, "This is why I love her, listen to the title of this post" It just makes me sick when I see pajama pants in public, I feel like it's disrespectful to ones self and others, and just plain lazy. I do wish I had more day dresses, my go to outfit is wide-leg jeans and a blouse, with a few bangles. Great post as always.

    Knitting in Pearls

  5. Those pants are really cute! I have never left the house in pajamas, but I do wind up walking to the store in yoga pants sometimes. I feel like I might as well be wearing pajamas, but I figure at least I'm walking a couple of miles to get there and back, so the exercise clothes are acceptable. Haha. I can't believe that girl didn't get arrested walking around in underwear. That's just about the worst I've heard!

  6. Yes! I can't agree with you more. It really isn't hard to get cleaned up to before stepping out of the house. I can't stand it when I see my college students show up in pajamas, I mean come on. It's not just girls either guys do it too. This month the editor's note in Real Simple magazine also was aimed at taking a look at what we wear out. Wether it's too the office or just a quick milk run, we need to put at least minute effort into it. It's like you said it's all about respecting one's self and others. Great Job!

  7. I truly don't care if people want to wear PJs or not to the store, but just underwear and a top? REALLY?

  8. Wearing pajamas to the grocery store has always been a pet peeve of mine too. I love those aqua capri pants, by the way! They look like the perfect length, color, fit, everything! Do you remember where you got them?

  9. It's great to see your grocery store wear. I love seeing people's dressy outfits, but stylish everyday ones can be just as inspirational. Maybe the girl who went shopping in her knickers needs some inspiration!

    (My milkman brings my milk and leaves it on the doorstep. Nothing like waking up to a fresh pint!)

  10. You look so good in shirtwaist dresses, and the braids are just cute!

  11. You always look stylish to me, dear.
    (meaning: you should NOt see me when I'm heading to do our weekly grocery shopping) :)
    I do try lately to get myself in order and look better.


  12. Amen and Amen! Dressing appropriately is another way of showing respect; that you care enough about those around you to look presentable instead of galloping around in panties and sleepwear acting like no one else exists. You look fabulous, not at all like you planned it last second. ;) It just takes having the right wardrobe and having a couple of quick hairdos in your repertoire.

  13. Hear, hear!!! I have never, even on my worst health days when I had no choice but to leave the house, worn pjs in public and sweaters an extreme rarity for me. I adore dressing up and looking lovely wherever I go - be it the local supermarket or a swanky cocktail party. I take pride in my appearance and feel my best when I look nice (aka, wearing vintage with my hair and makeup done), so it would be detrimental to my psyche, no joke, to leave the house in pajamas.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. You are so absolutely right, and you look lovely in your five minutes outfits, dear. But I have to add that it is an American fenomen to wear pajamas or even underwear in public when shopping, you would never see that in Denmark, or even in Europe I think. I wonder how it started, and I'm glad that you try to make a good example. :)

  15. Yes indeedy! I admit, I do often wear things that are just about pajamas to the grocery store... but since they look like cotton sundresses to the untrained eye, I don't think it's too terrible.


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