Vintage Tour of Missouri: Rolla- With Lauren of Wearing History!


Several weeks ago I took a mini road trip to Rolla, Missouri  to meet up with Lauren from Wearing History, who was in town from California!

Since my parents live in Bourbon, which is not far from Rolla, I was able to drop the kids off to play with Meemaw and Peepaw for the afternoon. If you're traveling through Bourbon, there's a fab 1950s diner and malt shop called the Circle Inn, right behind the Bourbon Family Center, which I will cover later this week. 

I met Lauren and her husband at A Slice of Pie, a little shop with every kind of pie that you could think of. We all enjoyed some quiche and iced tea for lunch before we set out to explore the city. I left my camera at home but Lauren's husband was kind enough to take some shots and share them with me.

Rolla Antique Mall- our first stop was the Rolla Antique Mall, which was a great stop, filled with lots of old tools, home decor, accessories and collectibles. The space was very full, which I love and there was lots to look at. The owner was a really nice guy and gave us some other local stops to check out. I spotted these awesome fruity Christmas trees while we were there.

Thrift Store- We drove through Rolla looking for little shops or thrift stores and we did find a Goodwill store, which had a good stash of vintage zippers so I grabbed a few for my later sewing projects. Lauren and I got a lot of compliments and comments on our vintage outfits while we were in town. We tried to stop at a little church, recently turned into a thrift store but they had closed for the day so I'll try to stop back there some time later.

Totem Pole Trading Post- Since we were enjoying Route 66 Americana in small town Missouri, we had to stop at this wonderful gift shop, The Totem Pole. The Totem Pole is the oldest operating gift shop on Route 66 in Missouri and the owner happily shared the history and photos of his beloved shop. If you stop at The Totem Pole, be sure to sign the guestbook! He has one for US residents and one for Non-US residents and it's amazing to see how far people come.

Old Town Antiques in Doolittle, MO-
For our last stop of the day, we took a little drive down the highway to Doolittle to the most incredible antique mall that I have ever seen. Old Town Antiques is 7 large buildings, all connected. It's so big that the nice lady at the register gave us a map and explained how to find restrooms and exits. There are arrows painted on the floor to help guide you through the maze of beautiful antiques. They just opened a resturant inside and they have live music on the weekends.  You could really spend all day here! The outside is painted and decorated like an old west town and we had fun goofing around in the parking lot after our shopping.

The best thing about being a blogger is meeting so many amazing people, like Lauren.  The worst part is that we live so far away from each other!


  1. This looks like such a fun day! I love spending time with friends exploring new antique and thrift shops. Unfortunately, living in a remote town in the middle of Alaska, I know what you mean about living so far away from new interesting places and friends. I love it when I can travel to see them and we get to go out on the town. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

    Knitting in Pearls

  2. Muito bom seu passeio, o vestido também esta maravilhoso como sempre linda.

  3. I LOVE Old Towne Antiques! I found an 1880s pioneer dress there, a few other garments, a tablecloth that became curtains, and the hoosier cabinet we made over here:

    What a great outing! SO fun that you could meet up with another vintage blogger!

  4. How terrifically exciting and fun! Aww, blogger meetups are the best! I just had my second one ever a couple of weeks ago (and will be posting snaps from it soon) and it's been one of the best highlights of the year for me.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Looks like a great day out. I like the print on your dress, very pretty.

  6. You are so right, that is one of the best and worst parts of blogging!


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