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After our tea party on Monday afternoon, Olivia has wanted to read fairy tales before bed. I have these beautiful vintage fairy tale books from mine and my mom's childhood and I love sharing them with my kids.

vintage 1960s briar rose sleeping beauty grimms fairy tale illustration

vintage 1960s cinderella grimms fairy tale illustration

Reading these stories and looking at the striking illustrations, I've been dreaming of vintage fairy tale looks for my own closet.  Here are some of my favorite picks from Cats Like Us. Cats Like Us stocks indie labels for the retro girl (and fella). Be sure to check out their tiki collection, under $20 section and exclusive designs


I hope that you enjoyed a peek into our fairy tale books and a look at beautiful things from Cats Like Us. What is your favorite fairy tale?

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  1. Your vintage fairy tale books are a treasure. I loved seeing some of the pictures. I will definitely check out Cats Like Us. Looks like they have some good stuff. One of my favorite fairy tales was Little Red Riding Hood. I think mostly because she had that cool red cape and got to walk to her grandmother's house all by herself!

  2. I always liked Thumbelina. Something about a small lady fending for herself for a good portion of the story appealed to me as a kid. Ans her outfits were always so childlike and whispy- I liked that.

  3. "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" is a forever favorite of mine. I also love any folktales about selkies.

  4. Those illustrations are fantastic! I was absolutely obsessed with Lang's fairy books when I was a kid, and I've been meaning to find some of them in the library again.
    I also really like your picks for fairy tale styles, they're really fun. That shop's got some great steals, thank you for the link.

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