1960s shift dress via Va-Voom Vintage

Over the weekend we had some errands to run. It was such a hot day so I threw myself together in a few minutes with minimal hair and makeup. I'm trying to wear some of the things in my closet that get neglected. Things that I love to wear around the house but not so much when I go out. These are a few of my least favorite things paired with a favorite brooch from Broesj.

pink vintage plastic baby carriage brooch

Pj likes to give my dresses silly names. There's The Cauliflower Dress, The Good n' Plenty Dress (not yet worn on the blog) and this one is "The Floral Holodeck", for you Star Trek fans.

The strange print and 1960s sack-like nature makes it one of my least favorites but its a comfy, easy dress to wear for a run to the store or a day of chores so I hang on to it.

Va-Voom Vintage

I also wore it with one of the first hats that I thrifted when I first began blogging. This is an 80s felt hat that would be fabulous with a new adorable hat band but I haven't gotten around to a makeover yet.

The Floral Holodeck- warehouse sale
pink belt- stolen from one of my 50s dresses
pink baby carriage brooch- Broesj
black flats- Walmart
80s hat- thrifted, Goodwill