In my blogging ecourse, I talk about how its so important to let your blog grow and change with you. A great blog is a reflection of a the person behind it- their ideas, inspirations, style, interests and loves.

I've been writing Va-Voom Vintage for 4 years and 5 months and it never strayed far from vintage fashion but I've been feeling a change coming for a long time. While I've thought about what I want to do next, I've been blogging less and less.

I haven't been wearing vintage much lately at all. I've been laying around in capris and Pj's tee shirts and spending way more of my day with my kids. I've been cooking from scratch, organizing the house, doing projects with my little ones and crafting for myself. I'm having fun and I'm spending less time on me and more time with my family. At first I thought, "Maybe my blogging days have come to an end?" But no, I love vintage and I love sharing things with all of you. I just need a change of pace.

Va-Voom Vintage will continue to be everything it was with the new addition of my favorite recipes, more beauty tutorials, more home decor, housewife tips, kids fun and craftiness. I'm happiest when I'm crafting so there will be much more of that.

My style is turning into something more practical and "real". I need clothes that I can wear while I play with the kids at at the park. I need a grocery store outfit without needing a full hour to get out the door. I don't wear 40s rayon while I hand wash 3 loads of dishes and scrub the toilet on a weekday and I want this blog to show you all a more real side of life as a vintage housewife and mom. Not only can you put together gorgeous vintage outfits but it can be something that suits your modern lifestyle too.

While Va-Voom Vintage originally began so I'd have something just for me, it has grown into an outlet to share all aspects of my life, not just what I wear.  I'll try to maintain the vintage theme but sometimes it'll just be more of my daily life and nothing vintage at all. Either way, this blog will be a more clear reflection of my life, my loves and myself. I hope that you all enojoy it!

I still have some projects that I need to finish before blogging returns to its regular schedule but I hope to be back to posting very soon.

 Thank you everyone for reading Va-Voom Vintage