12 Elegant Ways to Decorate an Easter Egg


12 elegant vintage ideas for decorating Easter eggs

I have always loved decorating Easter eggs. As a kid, my mom was so creative and came up with all kinds of unique ideas to decorate that didn't involve store bought kits. Since these require more work, you can blow the insides out of an egg shell, rinse them and save these beautifully decorated eggs to set out year after year. For a memorable springtime celebration, here are 12 elegant ways to decorate an Easter egg

12 elegant and sophisticated ways to decorate an easter egg

12 elegant and sophisticated ways to decorate an easter egg
       Natural Egg Dyes: Waldorf Today                    Neon Dipped Eggs: Oh Joy!            Decoupage Napkin Eggs:Ameblo

12 elegant and sophisticated ways to decorate an easter egg
Silhouettes: Le Papier Studio                          White Pen Eggs: Joy Ever After            Wreath Eggs: Flax and Twine

12 elegant and sophisticated ways to decorate an easter egg
Leaf Print Egg:Inhabitots             Black and White Eggs:Make Room for Design         Dictionary Eggs: First Home Love Life


  1. The white crayon technique works so well, doesn't it? So simple, and yet!

    A super-quick egg idea you can try with your kids is to dye the eggs pink and glue on a cotton ball for a tail, and cut some construction paper ears to glue on. After that, the kids can go nuts drawing faces, whiskers, and whatever else they like to personalize the bunnies. It spares you all the mess of letting very young children dip eggs, but they still get to feel involved in the egg decorating.

  2. Decoupage, silhouettes and eggs with wreath are my favourites. Thank you for the tips :)

  3. I used to love decorating Easter eggs as a child. I haven't done any for a while since it always seemed like a huge waste of eggs. But this year I might try using a natural dye on hard-boiled eggs then serve them for an Easter brunch. Both pretty and the eggs can still be consumed!

    1. That's what my mom always did! We decorate a dozen hard boiled eggs a day or two before, hunt them Easter morning and have egg salad for lunch or use the hard boiled eggs in tuna salad and other dishes throughout the week.

  4. These are splendidly charming! I especially like the ones bedecked with wee floral wreaths. So cute!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. These are all great ideas! Hopefully my girls and I can try some of them out this year. :)

  6. I love Easter Eggs. I have collected a few for display at Easter. I love trying new decorations. Thanks for the inspiration! New Missouri blogger, following you!!


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