Pollywogs and Vintage Treasures


Hello again, everyone! I feel like I've been away from here for a long time so here's a little photo update of my recent adventures, which I've been sharing on my Instagram. Today, I'm in the country, visiting my parents and grandparents. The weather has been so beautiful lately so the kids and I have been enjoying a lot of time outside.

Yesterday, we caught pollywogs from the pond and the kids had a blast sitting in the yard, watching them swim around in the bucket. However, at one point I really did think I saw Rhys with one in his mouth! I yelled from the house "Beets! Is there a pollywog in your mouth?!" Thankfully, I was mistaken and all of the little babies were happily returned to the pond that afternoon.

On a quick trip to town, we stopped at my favorite little thrift store in Bourbon, Missouri and I found a Bakelite spacer for 25 cents! I always look for Bakelite in small towns but aside from the odd Bakelite handled cutlery, this is the first piece I've found.  To help you on your hunting adventures, check out my previous post, How to Identify Bakelite.

Since my grandpa is visiting this weekend, I spent a few nights next door at grandma's country house. She often goes to auctions while she's here on the weekends and finds the quirkiest antiques to decorate her home.

One of my favorite parts about grandma's guest room is the beautiful view in the morning. Sometimes, you can spot wild turkey or deer hanging out in the front yard. Mom snapped this picture of a few turkeys in the fall.

Later today, I think the kids and I will build a fairy house with some moss, acorns and other findings from the pond and meadows.


  1. Stellar find!!! Wow, a mere quarter for a Bakelite gem like that! You win vintage shopping this week, sweet dear! :)

    Have a fantastic weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hello! I am new to your blog and loving it! your kids are so cute!
    I found a How-to guide that you posted yesterday, it was downloadable and it was the how to knit crochet embroider, etc. And I can't find it now, any suggestions on to where to look? Cause I don't to have you searching:)

  3. Found it!

    1. Oh great, glad you found it!! :) Thanks so much for reading me!

  4. Oh that sounds so idyllic and relaxing! Top it off with a cuppa and a good book and that sounds like a perfect country getaway.

  5. Lucky find! The lowest I have found a bracelet for is $2, which I am not complaining about at all, but 50 cents, wow!

  6. How wonderful to spend these quality times in the country.

  7. My parents live nine hours away from us which is too far, but they live on a huge farm surrounded by woods and I just think that is the perfect place for kids to be; exploring and getting dirty.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend. And great shopping. I think your post brought me luck today.
    I have been going nuts sniffing every bangle I see at thrift stores hoping for the magic affordable bakelite find. I finally got my very first piece of bakelite today. Not as awesome as your 50cent deal, but I am now the proud owner of a plain rootbeer bakelite bangle for $34 dollars. I am so excited I'm bouncing off the walls. I wanted to call my girlfriends but realized that none of them understand my excitement at vintage finds.

  9. I can't lie, I didn't know pollywogs were a real thing, let alone that it's just another word for a tadpole. Color me embarrassed. So jealous of your country getaway!

    1. lol me too, I was just about to ask what a Pollywog was? Not a term we use here in NZ

  10. Ahhh.. don't your babies look all grown up! Pretty scenery too.


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