Yesterday, Pj braved the snow to go get groceries and dig his mom's car out for her. We got about 14 inches here in St Louis, which, while may not be much to you ladies up north, it was enough to shut down the St Louis Arch for the first time since 1982! Wouldn't you know it, he was almost home when his ancient car kicked the bucket. Thankfully two girls on their way home to Chicago stopped to let him sit in their warm car until I got there to bring him home. I hope that those nice ladies got home safely!

So, the old junker is on the side of the icy highway now, to be towed home later this afternoon. It was a great little car. I bought it from a friend when Pj and I first started dating and it's served us well but I think it's time to send it off to the big highway in the sky and we're going to buy a new-ish car....which leads me to a big vintage sale!!!

In the next few days, I'll be posting lots of vintage (and a few modern) beauties on my Instagram for sale. I have dresses, lingerie, purses, jackets, shoes and and a few sweaters too. Who knows what I'll find in my stash so keep an eye on Instagram this week and next!