I haven't pin curled my hair in a while but I've wanted to try some different sets with my new hair cut so I experimented and this one turned out pretty good, I think!

I hope to do a proper how-to but if you're aching to try it here's the basics:

part bangs to the side and do 2 rows of 2 pin curls. The first row to the back, the back row to the front

sides 2 rows of 3 pin curls. row 1 back, row 2 forward

the rest all willy nilly

I wore one of my favorite winter pieces- a plaid flannel dress. Seamstresses, do yourself a big favor and sew a dress in flannel this winter! It feels like pajamas but looks put together and is so cozy. I think I may sew up some 50's style full-skirted dresses in plaid flannel by next fall.


dress- from Emily of Livin' Vintage
vintage Gaytees winter boots- ebay (shop in the summer for best deals!)
black and blue bakelite bracelets
confetti Lucite earrings- I have no idea where these things came from....
new lip color- Holiday Red from B AStar