1940s pendleton 49er jacket aris allen wedges and heyday vintage trousers

You know, I am really enjoying all of these outfit posts lately. I feel like this  blog started as a fashion blog and although I blog about fashion, I don't ever show my wonderful collection. I'm so happy to be taking this blog back to where I started. Not to mention, outfit posts are so fun!!

 Yesterday, I wore my very first vintage Pendleton 49er jacket. Isn't the color divine? The shoulder seam had come undone when I bought it but a quick repair made it good as new.  I have a love-hate relationship with this jacket. I love the style, I love the color but gosh, it's hard to match! I like to add unexpected color combos but I demolished my closet before settling on the shirt I'm wearing underneath. I tried green but it was too green. I tried brown, but that's an obvious choice. I tried a yellow but it looked like baby poo. I tried purple but I felt like an oompa loompa. You get the idea....

Finally, I went to Design Seeds to check out some pretty color palettes and it helped me through getting dressed. I know, total first world problem here!

 Daniels Farm and Greenhouse in St Peters, MO has a wonderful autumn pumpkin patch set-up. They had a huge straw maze, big enough for grown-ups to play.

We pet some sheep, cows and goats and watched the piggies brawl

We spent most of our time playing in the corn boxes

At the end of the day, I had about 2 cups of corn in my bra and corn bits all over my pants. Rhys had corn in his diaper and everything but we had a wonderful time!

1940s Pendleton 49er- warehouse sale
trousers- Heyday
1940s repro wedges- Aris Allen
mustard hat- antique mall
1940s hat pin- Ruth's Vintage, St Louis

vintage 1940s plus size pants fashion with pendleton jacket and aris allen rug cutter wedges