Hair Cut and Autumn Cape


I got a hair cut last week. I really love it!  I was desperately trying to grow my bangs out. I feel like every girl should try bangs at least once in their lives but gosh, they take a long time to grow and styling is very limited. I never finished my 7 days of vintage bangs posts because I was just so sick of them. I didn't think I'd be able to get rid of the bangs but my amazing stylist blended them in and parted it and it looks awesome! Maybe now, I'll try some different styles with longer bangs and finish that series.

Autumn weather has reached St Louis and I've been wearing my favorite knitted cape everywhere I go. I love it so much, I wish I had several colors.

I haven't been wearing a lot of fancy fun things lately due to some serious added pounds. What can I say- I'm a stress eater. The stress has been pretty intense lately but I started tracking calories on the My Fitness Pal app on my new fancy phone and so far, it's been helping a lot and I've gotten back into this lovely 1940s dress. My only issue with this dress is that the buttons are decorative and it snaps up the front. Snaps plus boobs are not a good thing so I stitched it closed this morning to prevent any bustin' out.

1940s plus size rayon dress casual vintage fashion via Va-Voom Vintage

vintage 1950s pearl and gold tree brooch

 1940s dress- warehouse sale
 vintage knit cape- Buffalo Exchange, Columbia, MO
 vintage purse and loafers- thrifted
 1950s pearl tree brooch- heirloom from Great Grandma Alma


  1. What a pretty cape, and love the dress..
    I too, am a stress eater [it really stinks,ha].. You look great..

  2. Capes and autumn go hand-in-hand like bread in butter, if you ask me. I love them so much - they're elegant, fun, cozy, and at times even delightfully quirky (in the best kind of way). Beautiful outfit and new haircut! I love this length and your current colour on you so very much.

    Have an awesome pre-Halloween weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. What an adorable dress! Your bit about the snaps reminds me that I have a little pile of similar alterations needing my attention. Tons of things in my closet have been turned into semi-permanent pullovers, hahaha. And I can definitely sympathise with the stress eating. I have had a horrid afternoon and evening isn't looking much better, but I haven't even had dinner yet and I'm very afraid to approach the fridge. If I put a little soymilk in my coffee maybe I can trick my body into thinking I've given it something worthwhile and avoid the whole food notion entirely.

  4. That's a great idea! I love frozen grapes and bananas too!

  5. Love the cape-aren't they comfy! You just reminded to me to try out mine-well they are knitted but still cute LOL xox

  6. Oh, the boon and bane of bangs - I think every girl know it :D
    I am also currently trying to let mine grow out, but I am sure in some months I will be bored again, get them cut and then cry for three days because I hate them again.
    Hope we are going to see your bangs solution from front perspective soon :-)
    Your cape is really fabulous!

    Lots of lovely greetings,

  7. Lovely looking! x

  8. I love your haircut! I am a stress eater too, I know how it gets but you look great with killer curves!

  9. You look great! Also, you should check out the Fit Bit pedometers. I have one and it helps me stay active every day.

  10. Try sewing in some hooks and eyes, they were a life-saver for dress fronts for me (like you said, snaps just weren't meant to deal with lateral stress) but lateral stress is what hooks and eyes excel at.

    And btw you are incredibly beautiful. (I hope this doesn't creep you out, but I frequently save pictures of you to my computer)

  11. I am fovever stiching up the front of dresses :) This one is lovely :)

  12. Looks amazing - and loving the curves! I'm another stress eater, and it's really starting to show lately...then again, perhaps it's the "Over 40 and my metabolism slowed down on me, darn it!" *lol* In any case, your hair looks incredible, loving the cut! Oh, and us "not so blessed up top" gals also occasionally need to sew out tops shut - those darned gaps, and when the snaps loosen up or the button holes stretch a little over time, they just LOVE popping open at the most awkward of times... *LOL*

  13. I think you look absolutely, positively fabulous!! And I completely sympathize with you on the whole snaps+bust=no good. Been there several times unfortunately. But I gotta say, your curves look amazing!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  14. Love the new hair! And I can certainly relate to the stress eating. I too have gained some serious poundage the last few months and am feeling rather upset with myself. And now the holidays are coming so realistically there will be no dieting for me for a while, so, yeah :-/


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