Bullet Bra Sew-Along Update and Follow on Instagram


Hello all
 Just a quick update on the sew-along. The final touches on the bullet bras will be posted tomorrow. I've had a lot of unexpected things going on on the home front this weekend that I've needed to tend to but we'll be back to normal tomorrow

Also, I finally bought a grown-up phone yesterday so we can follow each other on Instagram!

For my fist post, I shared my new amazing vanity lamp that I thrifted last weekend for $5! I was so excited when I saw him. Pj is not a fan but he accepts ugly lamps if I accept his crazy projects so it all works out!

This morning it's a bit warmer than it has been lately so I sat on the porch and enjoyed the autumn garden while I had my iced coffee.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished bras. Maybe it will be my next project. I'm currently making some batman pajama bottoms for my hubby. I only have a few things to do but I'm sure I'll get to it in about a month lol

  2. The lamp is great, glad you can work it out. I am looking forward to seeing the finished bras and will do mine when the B cup pattern is ready.

  3. I'm super-duper happy that you're on Instagram now, honey! Yay! I swear, it (being able to use Instagram) was the number one reason why I wanted an iPhone (coupled with the iPhone's great in-phone camera). I signed up as soon as I got my phone and wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It's one of my favourite apps and sites ever! Can't wait to see all the cool things, vintage and otherwise, you'll be sharing with us there.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Yay for Instagram! I'm following you now. I'm @mirenzish


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