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bombshell vintage plus size blue cape

 "Dress for your style, not your size" is the motto at Bombshell Vintage and wise words to live by! 

After years of sourcing and selling plus size vintage clothes, Kate is expanding Bombshell Vintage to offer a unique reproduction range, specializing in suits and dresses.

bombshell vintage plus size julie suit
Julie Suit

 Kate says, "The theme of the story being “All Eyes Are On You”, Bombshell Vintage contrasts striking colour with monochromatic detail to create a capsule wardrobe that will knock people’s socks off at the office, a night out, or even an evening at a luxurious ball. Bombshell Vintage strives to satisfy women’s inner glamazon, enabling plus size women to feel as awesome on the outside as they do on the inside..."

plus size handmade dresses from bombshell vintage
1950s style plus size miller dress and plus size Dita style pencil dress
 Bombshell Vintage sizes range from 14 to 28 but if you're a specialty size, you can order a custom fit as well. Is there anything more luxurious? 
bombshell vintage plus size dress

Kate says, "Also, we're launching it at a mini plus size fashion festival I'm organizing called Curvy Couture Roadshow, in Perth (Australia) in September, which is showcasing indie plus size designers, most of which have a vintage feel."


  1. What a gorgeous collection - particularly love that hooded cape - perfect for winter!

  2. Goodness, yes! I could not agree more! Whether one is plus sized or not, it is so, so much more important to dress for - and to honour - one's sense of style than to fret about size. I never give a fig about what the number is in a label. If it fits my body well and I love it, that's what counts. Good fit trumps a smaller number any day in my books.

    Gorgeous collection, thank you very much for showcasing it, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Love that she's an Aussie too!


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