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It's heart warming to see the things I love doing good for the people I love.

The Young Designers Collective is a New York based association of artists and designers working together for a cause. The collective pairs budding designers with non-profit organizations. The designers gain exposure and build their portfolios while the sales of their work benefits various charities. The artists are able to use their talents and build connections in commercial design, using high quality fair trade materials to create unique wearable art. The YDC motto is “doing well by doing good”

I was sent a beautiful pink fascinator hand crafted by designer Shilpa Iyengar from her Pink Ribbon Collection to benefit breast cancer research.   I decided to pair it with one of my muted tone 1940s dresses so it'll really stand out. This dress was from a private estate and was in serious disrepair when I bought it. Crumpled up, very dirty and some pretty noticable holes. But, you know me, I can't turn down something beautiful that just needs a little love so I brought it home and fixed it up. Now, it's one of my favorites and the color is great so it can be worn with anything, like Shilpa's bright pink fascinator.

Shilpa says, "As an artist and designer, I use fashion as a platform to bring my love of art into a
functional form. I let the concept guide me in whatever I design and hope to produce a wearable work of art in the process. Inspired by my travels across the world and by my love of cultural history, I design clothing, shoes, hats, and textiles in hopes of
bringing my vision to the public as painter would a painting."

Show your support for young designers and wonderful causes by visiting the Young Designers Collective Shop. Save 15% off by using code PINK_POST when you shop the Pink Ribbon Collection.

1940s Dress- Private Estate
1940s belt- from another dress
Pink t strap shoes- ebay
pink beaded 50s earrings- antique mall
fascinator c/o The Young Designers Collective

Thi post was sponsored by The Young Designers Collective. Please read my full discloure policy


  1. The YDC motto is “doing well by doing good” - and they sure did!
    I love the pink fascinator, and the fact that it's hand crafted, just makes it more adorable!

    So, I've popped to their site and there it was: "The hat is made from recycled angora wool" - key word here "recycled".. in the spirit of "make, do, mend" yet another great thing.


  2. Oh, such a cute outfit! I love the modern spin on a fascinator; so classy and adorable! Not to mention, the rest of your outfit is great! You're right; the neutrals are so versatile, and you're rockin' 'em!

  3. Super cute hair accessory, and those shoes are so sweet!

  4. It is a little off topic, so I am sorry.
    But, how are the quality of the shoes? I pinned them a long time ago and I keep thinking I am going to buy them, but I have had problems with quality of things on ebay from China and I don't really like buying from there. I am torn because they are cute and would go great in my wardrobe. Why is it that all of the cute shoes I find (that I can afford) are made in China :(
    Sorry to derail a bit there. The facinator is great and it is a good cause.

  5. I love the hot pink with the cream dress, and those shoes are just adorable! I'm off to have a look at the YDC website now! =)

  6. What a gorgeous, endlessly elegant ensemble to help support such an incredibly important cause.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. You're looking so lovely today! Beautiful!

  8. That fascinator is beautiful, and I love this outfit so much! The colours are perfect! x


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