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It's funny how I've been busy on the blog front these past few days but not doing much actual blogging at all! Its been a crazy week over here, keeping me from completing my 7 Days of Vintage Bangs. The A/C went out so we spent a day at my mother in law's house until the service guy came to fix it and wouldn't you know it? The next morning, my computer finally bit the dust! Luckily, I had another tower in the basement so I got it hooked up and working, feeling pretty proud of myself being a non-techy girl and all.

 I've been doing a lot of blog design work this week, for myself (^ new header!) and for Bunny's Victory and Miss Dolly Bow Peep.

Bunny's blog used to have the V for Victory theme that I designed for her but she wanted to change things up as she prepares for a lot of fun new blog changes this year. I love the color palette that she picked! We found a beautiful old typewriter ad for her header and I got to play with my new collection of fonts! It still needs a little tweaking but it's coming along! I guess I was in a ribbony mood.

Miss Dolly Bow Peep is having a giveaway this week to celebrate her lovely new look. I had a lot of fun working on her blog and learning a lot of new things.  I used this cute little lamb from one of my vintage magazines and I think he's just perfect for her!

And stay tuned (hopefully) tomorrow for the next installment of 7 Days of Vintage Bangs!


  1. Thankyou so much for sharing and I love all the new blog looks happening at the moment!

  2. You do such terrifically lovely graphic design work, dear Brittany. I wish I had a fraction of your skill on that front - perhaps my own blog header wouldn't look quite so spartan if I did. I know what you mean about being busy with blog related things, but not doing a ton of actual blogging (as in post writing) lately. I have times like that, too, especially I find during the summer, when the heat drains you something fierce and you're extra busy (and out and about more) with all the various seasonal going ons.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. They both look great and so does yours, you've done a fantastic job. I've been thinking about doing a little updating to mine as well.

  4. Perhaps you're not techy, but you have great taste. :) Lovely designs.

  5. Great work Brittany, they all look lovely. Could you ever do a tutorial on blog designs? Or maybe just give some tips or hints?

  6. absolutely!! I have been using free editing programs too so you dont need anything fancy to turn out some great stuff!

  7. AHHH!!! SOOOOO GOOD! I love your designs! OH and a tutorial would be FAB!

  8. I am loving my new makeover! You rock as a webdesigner mama! xox

  9. You're such a clever bear! Don't call yourself non-techy, you do so much on your blog (and others) and blogger is far harder to use than wordpress- which I use. I love the new header BTW. xx Shauna


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