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Last weekend, we popped into the Salvation Army to pick up some shorts for Pj. They always have great separates and I spotted this pretty blue cotton top. I thought it resembled a bowling shirt but it wasn't until I got home that I looked at the label and realized that it is! It has cute white stripes down the back and is fitted with a dart to accentuate a lady's curves.

carved bakelite bracelets

We took the kids to the park on Wednesday afternoon and it was so hot so I thought I'd give my new blouse a spin. It was so comfortable and cute. Perfect for chasing the kids and climbing around at the park. I went poking online the other day and found classic bowling shirts on Amazon in black, pink, blue and white with white or black trimmings. I'd love to embroider or embellish with felt on the back. Super cute!!

casual 1950s plus size pinup style from Va-Voom Vintage

 I wore my "bingo" brooch with it. I found this brooch at Brenda Sue's in Warrenton. I love wearing it because everyone always looks to see what it says and it gives us all an unexpected giggle.

bowling blouse- thrifted
high waist zip leg crop pants- thrifted, originally from New York and Co
black wedges- Seychelles
assorted bakelite


  1. I absolutely love the bingo brooch! I find your blog really inspirational and it always makes me want to commit more to my own vintage style. This is my post about vintage inspiration feel free to have a peek!

  2. Lovely shirt, and I must say that I just saw your jewelry collection, it's amazing :D

  3. Love this cute look. And those slacks are fab.

  4. What a lovely thrift find! The brooch is on the right spot :) and is fun

  5. I'm a big fan of bowling shirts, what a great find.

  6. Oh, my.. "Bingo" wire brooch is adorable!
    I know black wedges must be comfortable.. since I own pretty much the same pair. :D

    Have a great day

  7. That is really cute! I have a very similar bowling shirt, but it doesn't have those cute pockets. Love it (and the bingo pin, tee hee)!

  8. I have avintage black & gold bowling shirt my Uncle gabe me. Iwore ita lot in tje 80's. The special part is the original owner was Frank and that is my hubby's name .

  9. Fabulous find!!! Time permitting, I always like to cruise through the menswear department at thrift/second hand stores, too - every once in a blue moon one finds a piece that can work for them there (for example, I've found that classic school uniform style blazers that were meant for 12-14 year old boys are work well on me), as this awesome bowling shirt definitely proves. Partnering it with your adorable vintage bingo wirework brooch was a great call!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. I love blue so of course love the top and that pin!

  11. The blue suits you really well and the brooch is great! Xxx


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