7 Days of Vintage Bangs {Day 3: Ella Raines}


Today's bang tutorial is inspired by Ella Raines. Isn't she striking? This is another super simple style that works on different lengths and cuts. All you need is a curling iron and two hair combs. I'm using Grip-Tuth combs from Belle Blossoms

 Curl hair under. I'm using my awesome Conair Instant Heat iron.

 Brush through hair to blend the curl

 Use a tail comb to part hair as if you're going to do a low half pig tail. Pull the tail back and give it a twist.

 Secure in place with a hair comb. These combs are wonderful for looks like this. No elastics or millions of hair pins to keep it in place and they stay secure all day! Repeat on the other side

Comb the hair so it all curls under and give it a shot of hair spray. I know, great face, huh?

That's all there is to it! It took me about 15 minutes and most of that was spent curling. I don't know why I've never done this style before. It's so easy and very pretty!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 4 of 7 Days of Vintage Bangs. Grab the button and share!

7 days of vintage bangs classic hollywood retro hair tutorials
7 days of vintage bangs classic hollywood retro hair tutorials


  1. How cute! I've been really wanting to chop my bangs again but I think I'm going to wait till my hair grows out more. I like them best on me when my hair is longer.

  2. You are adorable!! This is a great style for longer hair! Looks like I have a new "lazy day" hairstyle! I am also in love with your blouse.

  3. I love this hair. Definitely a easy/lazy hairstyle and perfect for someone like me. :)

  4. I love this hairstyle! So pretty and easy to do and grip tuth's ROCK!!! xox

  5. Your hair looks great like this! So simple, yet beautiful.

  6. This style looks GREAT on you - and your hair looks so healthy and pretty!

  7. She really is striking and so are you, dear gal! I think this style suits you tremendously well - it's so, so timelessly pretty!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Great job! Unfortunately I do not have bangs so have found another image to work with. I used the following for my hair inspiration today! I should really buy clip in bangs!

  9. Great post! The pictures are fantastic! This look is awesome on you and love the blouse/dress details. The fabric, buttons and piping are to die for!

  10. You look absolutely lovely and this hairdo suits you so well.

  11. Very cute! My hair is wavy, so I need to iron my bangs everyday but my hair is falling a lot !! :(

  12. Oh my goodness! thank you so much for doing tutorials for those of us who have bangs.
    Love your blog! thanks for sharing :)

  13. Hi!
    I am going to the hairdresser in a few days, to get some highlights...and cut my hair. And I would like som advice, please! I love your hair-tutorials, but it tends to....remain in reading, for me. I'm really lazy when it comes to my hair. Washing and brushing, sure, but.... Much more than that, I just reserve for special occasions.

    I do really want a vintage hairstyle, I'm just not sure what to do. My hair is shoulder-length, ash blonde, straight and silky smooth. Any style I get, has to be very low-maintenance. I just.....I don't know any good retro/vintage hair-dressers in this town, therefore, I ask for your advice. I can't trust my hairdresser of choice knows that much about it, so... I'm thinking something more '60's? That decade seems to have a lot more pretty straight styles than the two before it.... I like the 40's and 50's far better, but it all seems so very fancy and high-maintenance...

    Please help me!

    On beforehand, thank you!!!

    Ida Helene

    1. It sounds like we have very similar hair. Mine is also extremely straight! A 60's style would be really cute. They look pretty easy to achieve too. If you want to try more late 50's-60s looks, I recommend a simple set of hot rollers. They heat up fast, they're easy to use and the result is always great! My hair doesn't curl very easily and I live in a humid climate so I spray some lotta body setting lotion on after I get out of the shower, blow dry it completely, then roll it. Wait till they're cool (15 min or so) remove and you're done! You can use hot rollers for a pageboy look, a flip or give more volume at the root.
      You could try a bump-it for a 60s bouffant and invest in some 60's style thick headbands. Also, if you're not into time consuming hair but you like 40's looks, try a few snoods! They're easy to wear, very comfy- they look cute with everything and they keep the hair back and out of your face. For the front, style your bangs however you like (if you have bangs) and pin the sides up with a hair comb on each side. Slip the snood on and that's it! Arthelia's Attic on etsy has THE best hand crocheted snoods and if you crochet, you can also try your hand at making some of your own!


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