For Mother's Day, all I wanted to do was be with my kids and dig in the dirt. There's something so relaxing and wonderful about pulling weeds and getting grass stains on your knees.

We started the day with breakfast out, followed by a visit to a new hardware store. I picked up a cart full of flowers, herbs and vegetables that were all on sale and a few bags of mulch. I also bought a hummingbird feeder to hang outside the kitchen window to match my daily chore of washing dishes more enjoyable.

I taught Olivia that slugs are nice and taught Rhys how to drink out of the hose.

We planted a big flower bed in the front yard with herbs and veggies in the back.


My kids are such fruit and veg eaters, I will be thankful we did all of the work with all of the money we'll save this summer. Although I hadn't planned on watermelons, we put some in last minute since our lettuce seeds didn't take. I think I got impatient and planed them too soon! We live two blocks from the Missouri River, which has given this area the richest most wonderful soil.

And look what else happened for Mother's Day! This little mama built her nest on top of the light outside my kitchen door a few weeks ago. She was not happy about our gardening all day but that's life when you live outside my kitchen door.

This morning I went out to water and she was gone so I held my camera high above the nest and clicked and when I looked at the picture I found....

 a pile of fluffy hatchlings. I latched the door so she can be undisturbed and enjoy her 5 little Mother's Day gifts in peace.