The Modern Priscilla 1923


The Modern Priscilla magazine June and July 1923

On our shopping adventures this weekend, Daffny and I each scored two copies of the Modern Priscilla from the 1920's. An antique dealer once told me that Missouri has some of the most well preserved paper goods because of our climate and seeing these in perfect shape, I believe him!

1923 Food Canning Lessons
1923 hooked handbags
1923 lingerie sewing instructions

Daffny and I are reading our issues then mailing them to each other so we can both enjoy all 4 issues. Mine are from June and July of 1923. I'm going to scan some of these patterns to post for you ladies at a later date. I'm loving all of the beautiful needlework and diy decorating ideas!

 1920's color home decor rug advertisement

1920's how to keep dresses clean

1923 knitted dress

1923 color home decor advertisement


  1. I die!I love old magazines but they depress me at the same time because I can't just go buy what they're advertising anymore.If only I had a time machine.

  2. Great find, can't wait to see the patterns when you scan them!

  3. Wow, that's a dream find! Vintage magazines in near perfect condition with color illustrations-fabulous!

  4. I love these! I have a Modern Priscilla or two, also. They're so cool. The Congoleum ad is neat, too; there used to be old linoleum in a similar pattern in my room at my Dad's farmhouse. I should post about it! :)


  5. I love old magazines - the images are so inspirational!

  6. These certainly are perserved well. Loved getting a sneak peak.

  7. Oh the photos came out great! Will take my photos tomorrow and share early next week! Ugh it all looks soooo good!! xox

  8. Wow, now those truly were well preserved. I can't recall ever seeing a magazine or other pieces of paper from the 1920s that looked so crisp and fresh (and vivid!) ninety years after it was produced. Awesome find, ladies - I can just imagine how exciting you must have been to unearth these great 20s magazines.

    ♥ Jessica


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