regency era girl with blue lace-up shoes

I love a fabulous heel, a flirty wedge, a sturdy boot- but the one shoe I wear more than the rest is a durable basic flat. You can walk all day, dance all night and maybe play and run a little in between with a perfect pair of flats and I'm sure everyone is excited about the newest addition to the American Duchess line- the Highbury Dyeable Satin Regency Flat

american duchess highbury dyable satin regency flat

american duchess highbury regency dyeable flat with laces
The Highbury is made with American made satin, which dyes to a rich, vibrant and even color. Highbury is the first in the American Duchess line to use this fine satin.  The shoe is lined in leather with a flat man-made sole and subtle spring heel. For information on how to dye your Highbury shoes, see Lauren's video below.

The Highbury is such a versatile shoe, with interior loops to add lacing ribbons, which can be changed out to suit your dress. This shoe is historically accurate for costumes from 1790 through 1810 with its pointed toe, side seams and high vamp.
american duchess highbury regency flat with optional lacing

Highburys have been on pre-order this month and will be available in the shoe shop this summer but if you absolutely can't wait for a beautiful regency shoe, also check out the Pemberley Regency Slipper in fine dyeable leather with a comfortable low heel, currently on sale. 

american duchess pemberly regency slipper