My New Job


Although my day job was a very noble one, there's nothing more important to me than being able to stay home and raise my kids. I've been working very hard for months and today I am officially a full time blogger/ vintage housewife again.

 I'm so happy to never have to miss another minute with the kids and to be able to focus more of my time on blogging, running my shop, cooking from scratch, gardening, sewing and doing the things I love. I have so many great projects and blog posts to work on and now I have the time to do it!

We woke up to 15 1/2 inches of snow today, which is a whole lot for St Louis! We ventured out, since the roads have been cleared and I found some new vintage pretties for the house at the thrift store today.

vintage blue pyrex casserole dish

vintage daisy tumbler, vintage amber glass tumbler, vintage gold leaf tumbler
vintage framed pressed flowers


  1. Congrats, m'dear, I've awarded you the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award! (


  2. Good for you! Congratulations! I hope you have a lot of success with the internet business side of things. So much more easier now for you to balance things:)

  3. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whoot! I cannot wait for more posts hehee Great finds mama! xox

  4. woohooo! Congratulations! I know you worked long and hard to get there too :)

  5. Congratulations! I so wish I could be at home myself. Working, being a mom and having a need to be creative isn't a good combination. I have stress symptoms and depression but have to work to contribute to the family economy.

  6. Congradulations.. Any time a mama can stay home with her babies..that is where she needs and wants to be.. Wish you the best.. and look forward to all the post..

  7. Hurrah for you :) Enjoy every nano-second :D

  8. I'm elated for you, honey! Warmest welcome back to the full-time homemaker, mommy, blogger realm!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Hi, Brittany! I will be returning to St. Louis this summer to make my daughter's wedding day ensembles (engagement coming soon!). We live in Manila, Philippines, but St. Louis is our "home town."

    Was wondering: Where are your favorite thrift joints between Columbia and the Illinois State Line?

    Kelley of Kelley Highway

    P.S. If you see any vintage wedding dresses, give me a shout!


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