mid century 1950s china cabinet with vintage dishes collection

My poor husband. I found another piece of vintage furniture that I couldn't live without and being the dear that he is, he picked it up and brought it home for me. It was quite an ordeal too. We borrowed my sister's station wagon since we drive a sedan but it was too wide to fit. So, we drove home, got some paracord from his doomsday survival gear, returned to the house and he strapped it to the roof with his awesome former-boyscout knotting abilities. Pj, you're the man!

vintage bing crosby coffee maker, salem northstar atomic starburst dishes
Bing Crosby percolator, starburst dishes and mid century platter

 I re-arranged the living room the other day and now have my computer desk by the window and have a big open space on the other side of the room. I went to Craigslist to window shop for a love seat or something to put over there and in the process, I found this killer china cabinet.

About My Collection
I set it up this morning, with my vintage dishes and such. Most of my collection comes from thrift stores or etsy (as the Bing Crosby percolator was found).

The glass owl paper weight was from my Great Grandma's collection. When she passed away a few years ago, my mom, aunt, sister and grandma divided the collection up amongst us girls. I have quite a few scattered around the house. They always make me smile because although my grandma said herself that she "never cared for whimsy" she sure had a lot of big-eyed birds in the house!

The silver dishes were a also inherited. My great grandma Mar Mar decided to pass on treasures while she is still here to see the recipients enjoy them and tell the stories behind them. These silver dishes are from her collection. Her husband gave her a new piece of silver every Christmas. They were married when she was just a teenager and loved each other every day until he passed a few years ago. Now, she gives the silver to married ladies in the family for Christmas, my mom, my sister, my aunt and myself.

vintage swingaway ice crusher, owl paperweight and vintage pyrex

vintage aqua blue tea cups and mid century cathay china creamer dish

 It was being sold as a set with a really beautiful dining room table and chairs but since I already have a darling retro dinette, the seller agreed to split it up.

Although I was looking for a piece of living room furniture, I decided to put the cabinet in the kitchen in the dining room area, to replace an awful old shelf that I'm not crazy about.

vintage mid century bamboo florida souvenier platter
I love tacky souvenirs like this bamboo Florida platter, thrifted a few weeks ago
Our house is set up so the kids can run a large circle from their room, through the kitchen, through our bedroom and back to their room again and since the dining room area is on the stampede path, I'm thankful to have my vintage dishes in an enclosed cabinet. It has great storage for crayons, puzzles and coloring books in the bottom so the kiddies can do crafty things in the kitchen while I cook.

vintage mid century china cabinet with retro china collection