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Well I'm listing lots of new things in the shop today and like everyone, I'm really bummed out about the new shipping rate increases!

 I just did some intense research on shipping, busted out my scale and weighed some stuff to determine how cheaply I can ship things. I desperately wanted to be able to fit my coats in a small flat rate box but try as I may, I can't fold a full length wool coat into the size of a VHS tape. Believe me, I did attempt it, though!

 Can you believe that shipping a coat to the UK using flat rate boxes is about 60 bucks? Holy cow!! I did figure out that I can ship the same coat in my own box for $38.95 using First Class Package International Service. Still not a fantastic rate but better than $60! So, I'm doing my best to fold things up pretty small, wrap 'em up and fit them in a little package for you guys.

For my fellow US etsy sellers, here's a breakdown of how I ship:

Ship to US
dresses, blouses, most skirts- ship in Priority Mail flat rate padded envelope $6.00
huge coats and other heavy garments like that ship in medium priority mail flat rate box $12.95

Ship to Canada
dresses, blouses, most skirts- ship in Priority Mail International flat rate padded envelope $19.95
huge coats and other heavy garments ship First Class Package International  $27.35

Ship to UK and Australia and that vague "everywhere else"
dresses, blouses, most skirts- ship in Priority Mail International flat rate padded envelope $23.95
huge coats and other heavy garments ship First Class Package International $38.95

I also combine shipping, weighing the package to get an exact rate so no one has to pay anything too ridiculous and refund the difference if I over-charge on shipping. If anyone has any cheaper shipping options please do let me know!!


  1. Yes, international shipping rates stink! Particularly if you get stung by customs charges too, so it is important that packages are marked USED item.

    Brittany, did I miss the recipe for that gorgeous looking raspberry pie somehow?

    1. AH! Now that's a tip I didn't know about, thank you!! I'll be marking all international orders as used! Oh yes, that pie recipe is in issue 1 of my new ezine, read it here:

    2. Oh Brittany please, please do! The customs rates are enough to make you weep here in the U.K. I got caught out with something I bought on Ebay where the seller just mailed it without saying 'used clothing'. As it was in such good condition customs decided it was new merchandise and I got charged the best part of $70!?!

  2. I here ya, you know I just got zinged for 24 bucks.

  3. That's one of the reasons I don't feel like it's even worth selling on-line anymore. And when I do ship something, always go with parcel post. To save me and others some money.

  4. I wonder if international shipping rates are now cheaper with other carriers?

    1. good question! I know UPS is ridiculous! I once thought I'd ship a dress to the UK through them and it would have been $110 to get there in a week! I wonder if FedEx is any better?

    2. I would be cautious about using companies like UPS internationally because they're fairly notorious for charging obscene amounts in brokerage fees, at least for Canadians. As in, you sometimes pay more for the brokerage than the item.

    3. oh yes, don't use ups for anything! They are way too expensive, even domestically. I wonder how they even stay in business!

  5. Oh I feel your pain. Someone just sent me a convo on Etsy asking about shipping 8 old Squirt bottles I have listed in my shop to Japan....$62.00!

    The rate increases are a real bummer to anyone who ships anything even remotely heavy.

  6. Thank you very much for addressing this issue, Brittany, I'm planning a post in a few weeks about it, too, from the perspective of a Canadian buyer. These recent USPS shipping rate hikes have greatly slashed my ability to afford to buy (often at least) from the US and I truly don't know what I'm going to do, as I source the overwhelming majority of things I purchase (be they fashion or hobby related) from the States (because of the wonderful selection available there). This situation is truly unpleasant for buyers and sellers alike, and I'm very sorry that things have become trickier for you as an online seller in the wake of this huge rate increase.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. That's good info I had to learn the hard way when I started out on Etsy. I recently shipped a skirt in a padded envelope to Europe (before the rate increase) for $11.50 (first class). Unfortunately, the package came back to me, and I had to re-send it. After the increase, the price to ship the same package was $16.50! I pretty much made nothing on that deal. Now I have to go through and adjust all my shipping rates...sux.

  8. Tell me about it- Christmas presents are a B**** for me :( Padded envelopes are my friend!

  9. Thank you everyone for your advice on customs. I can't believe how much they charge for some of that stuff!! I'll do my best to mark everything correctly to keep things low! :)

  10. First of all, even though I have never commented before, I really enjoy your blog!

    My husband does a fair amount of e-bay sales (or at least he did before the economy went to the dogs.) Anyway, recently he sent a package to Belgium. This was before the increase and the customer wanted cheaper shipping. My husband told him that he doesn't like 1st class to another country because it is not very reliable. Well, the customer really wanted it less, so he did it. Now, two months later the package is not there, the post office doesn't know where it is, and now have to eat the sale. So, just be cautious of that.


  11. That's why I'm SO glad that they finally offer track and confirm for international orders! The post office sucks and I'm sure there will be lost orders every once in a while- nature of the beast, I guess. :(

  12. I've given up buying anything from abroad now because of customs charges and postage. I used to get items of clothing made in the US but now there's no way I could afford it. (on the plus side it was a good impetus to learn to sew clothing myself but then I've got to find vintage patterns in the UK. *sigh* can't win.)
    I just wish there were more quality affordable domestic vintage and repro stuff in the UK.

    On a side note would using one of those vacume pack bags help with reducing the volume?


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