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On Wednesday evening, we celebrated Pj's birthday at mom's house with a delicious Mexican food feast and gooey butter cake from Little O's Old Time Soda Fountain.

 My sister helped me with the decorations for her baby shower. I am usually awesome with party themes but this time, I couldn't think of any good ideas for a unique baby shower so we had a "shower" themed shower with umbrellas and raindrops and clouds. Cute, huh?

 While hanging out at mom's house, I wore a comfy 50's style outfit inspired by this adorable gal on Pinterest.
EDIT: Thank you to Mary Deluxe who knew the identity of this gal, It's Lorna Lou from Stars and Sparrows Photography! You rock, Mary!!

I had planned on going in jeans and one of Pj's tee shirts because the weather had me feeling "blah" but I really wanted an excuse to wear my new bowling pin brooch from Luxulite that arrived in the mail that day. How cute is this?! I am a huge fan of Luxulite jewelry-  adorable, authentically styled and affordable (and the artist, Katy is just a doll!). I'll have to show you my cute Luxulite acorn brooch next time.

I promised myself last year that I'd stop buying shoes at the thrift store unless it's some epic pair of 40's wedges in my size or something. Then, I spotted these loafers the day Pj wanted to go to the thrift store a few weeks ago.

They are so comfortable, easy to wear and go with everything. Seriously, everything! I've worn them with 40's dresses or skirt and blouse ensembles, with my Heyday trousers and now with jeans. Love them.
 I'm going to try to hunt down a store that sells them and when I do, I will let you know because everyone should have a pair!

I'm also loving this easy hairstyle. I was in a hurry that day so I used my hot sticks but I think I shall have to do a pin curl tutorial for it, what do you think?

jeans- Target, last summer
loafers- thrifted
red cardigan and yellow tee- thrifted


  1. Wauw I love your look! I really really like the brooch, what a beauty!
    Great that it inspired you to make a comfy but cute outfit :) xxx Babette

  2. I have that pin in blue, super cute with the red sweater. Great find on the shoes too! I love your metal awnings over the windows on the house.

  3. Adorable, just adorable. amen to a good pair of loafers! and with cuffed dark denim? delicious.

  4. Super sweet and cute outfit, the brooch is adorable.

  5. What a great look, you did a terrific job with the Pinterest "inspiration". The brooch is just fab!!!

  6. You look fabulous! Most people assume all you can wear when it's a vintage look are dresses, dresses, dresses. There's nothing wrong with a wonderful dress, but you can certainly dress vintage casual and you really made the look work!


    Veronica Vintage

  7. Love, love, this outfit. I'm all for any kind of vintage jean look.

  8. You look adorable esp with lil munchkin! xox

  9. aw! you do look just like that vintage picture! nice bowling pin!!! I love pins that have dangling/moving components

  10. You look beautiful!! I love to see casual vintage looks as much as I do the fancy ones!

  11. Hey I know that adorable's LornaLou

    I hope they have given her credit for her photo on pintrest but with the way things are now a days, I doubt they did!


  12. Love the outfit and the adorable pin! I have hotsticks and they always make way too much curl in my hair and it turns into a big frizzy mess. lol

  13. Just found your blog and "Hey Doll". I love it!! the tips and pics were GREAT. I love the style. Thanx for sharing!

  14. I love that you found inspiration from the vintage photograph. Love that you found those fate!! I'd love to see a tutorial. You really know how to style your hair:)

  15. Adorable! I love comfy vintage style, totally my favorite! I wish I had a fancy flouncy lifestyle, but I just don't. lol I love that you recreated it from a great photo, too. I'm always inspired by old photos of "real" people (not that starlets and the like weren't real, but people in their real element). That brooch is too cute! I've always admired her stuff.

  16. I spotted that same brooch on etsy, it's completely adorable. I'm looking into buying a new roller set, what are the pros and cons of roller versus hot sticks? Your hair always looks so cute, I feel like a better curling set would make it easier to tackle some more styles. I'd love for you to share your thoughts.
    xox, Hannah

    1. I personally prefer hot sticks because you get a tighter curl, which resembles pin curls more closely than regular hot rollers. Although there's nothing quite like a pin curl, if you're in a hurry, they work just fine! They're a little tricky to use at first but with practice, you'll be rolling your hair in no time :)

  17. I love Luxulite!That brooch is adorable!

  18. You look fabulous - and super cute to boot! Those loafers are such a great find. I've been on the prowl for a similar vintage or vintage appropriate pair myself for ages now, all to no avail, so I'll be especially excited to see the link(s) to any similar pairs you may find.

    ♥ Jessica

  19. I love this outfit, and your hair looks amazing, I totally agree that everyone should have a pair of tasseled loafers :) there are a few shops in London that sell a similar style like the mod shop sherry's in the famous swinging sixties Carnaby street
    these loafers are a bit more masculine but they were worn by both boys and girls that dressed as mods or skinheads in the 60s and 80s

    The British Boot company in Camden do a similar style at like twice the price but Loakes are just beautiful shoes that are nice to have a look at :) .

    Fred perry do a more relaxed version in different colours but they look a bit less vintage

    sorry for the long comment but I do love a good shoe :) thanks for a great post as usual
    Imogen xxx


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