My dear readers, please send help. Aliens have abducted my husband. yesterday morning, he said "Hey, let's go to a few thrift stores today." What?! Who is this mad man?

So we went to the Salvation Army, Goodwill and St Vincent de Paul and I pulled in a huge home decor score! Just in time because two days ago, I bought this awesome mid century sofa, which I honestly needed very badly! It's so comfortable and is enormous. It even has Pj's approval, which is rare because he's particular about his lounging spots.

The first and most important is this little retro side table.

This puppy is going right next to my computer to house my scanner/printer thingy and office supplies.  It needs to be cleaned up a bit for 6 bucks, I couldn't complain. I had no room in the trunk so I held it on my lap all over town.

Next is my little kitty vase and  wooden candle holders

I scored big on kitchen stuff too with my super cute yellow pot, little strawberry pan, fish shaped mould and some orange melamine saucers and cups.

 (Diversion here- melamine or melamac: what's the difference? I had no idea till I used the google machine. Apparently melamine is the type of resin, Melamac is a brand name. So, it's the difference between tissue and keelex! Thank you, Ismoyo's Vintage Playground!)

Also found a very pretty and huge platter with lovely gold speckled edges...tag still on

Finally, a rare find in my local thrift stores, I scored a load of vintage ornaments, including a whole box of shiney brights. At 25-50 cents per box, I shrieked and proclaimed,
 "Vintage ornaments at the thrift store! My life is complete!!"
 at which point, Olivia held up a box of tiny showmen ornaments and said,
"Snowmen! My life is complete!"

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