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Shop Update: Pendletons and Frocks

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just a super quick shop update before I get back to laundry day....

I'm going on another big buying appointment tomorrow but before I do, I wanted to start listing a few things from my last big haul. See everything at Va-Voom Vintage Shop


9 Responses to “Shop Update: Pendletons and Frocks”

  1. I LOVE the little white floral print dress! Super adorable!

  2. Me too! I wish it fit, I'd not let it go!! :P

  3. Great finds! Love the blue number in the last photo!

  4. You find such marvelous items, dear Brittany. I love the red floral dress and plaid jacket so much!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh that little white floral dress is darling!!

  6. amazing purposes! really love them
    id like we could follow each other to stay in touch and i hope woull like my blog as i liked yours one!

    wish you the best, keep like this!

  7. Score! loving the red print dress! Hugs P.S. I invite you to share tour lovely blog at my Thursday hop ( its still open)


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