3 years ago today, I was at my mom's house for dinner. We had my grandparents over for Christmas and after they left, the rest of us were just laying around watching movies and relaxing. I was fiddling around on my little brother's lap top when I had finally thought of a name for a blog: Va-Voom Vintage.

 My little 3 month old Olivia was asleep in her travel swing so I logged on right there at the kitchen counter and created a blog and made my first post.

Olivia and I when she was 4 months old- wearing my first 50's dress and early attempt at vintage hair

 I had spent the past year in my pajamas. As pregnant housewife, I had no excuse to dress up except for my baby shower or to look like a normal person when I went to the doctor's office. I had awful morning sickness and various pregnancy problems so looks weren't on the top of my priorities list. I was a new mom- exhausted all the time and needed something just for me and a blog would do that. It would motivate me to put myself together, to sew more, to share my love of vintage fashion with others and connect with other adults, which is something that hadn't happened for me in over a year.

                              Isn't it amazing when you find a friend that's just as crazy as you are?

Friends I've made while blogging: Emily from Livin' Vintage,  Amanda- who lived in my city and recognized outfit post locations and Daffny from A Vintage Nerd, who flew in from New York to hang out this past spring

top left: first blog outfit post and first 40's hat and attempt at victory rolls top right: Rhys just 1 day old bottom left: early blogging outfit bottom right first attempt at pin curls

 If I could have told this tired little momma what would come of this quick project at mom's kitchen counter that night, I don't think she would have believed me. In 3 years, I've been published in magazines and featured on other blogs and  I've made life long friendships both online and in person. I've started to support my family through blogging and etsy and most importantly, I've inspired other women who felt like I did to take time to feel good about themselves again. Here I am right now, back at mom's kitchen counter, relaxing in my new pink Christmas robe. The hair turned out more red than brown but I kinda like it! More pics later this week, when the day job has slowed down a bit.

I have amazing things planned for this blog, for myself and for my readers in 2013. I really can't wait to see where another year of blogging takes me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who takes time to read, comment and email me. You guys are amazing!!

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And now for a giveaway:

This giveaway is sponsored by Coaster Canvas. Coaster Canvas creates beautiful vintage inspired coasters for your retro home. These coasters feature cork backing, made from sustainable tree bark to protect table tops and a high gloss, scratch resistant top coat. The archival quality of this printing process extends the life of products for up to 4 times longer than any of the best photo archival papers out in the market!

Mary, owner of Coaster Canvas says:
"When I begin a new coaster, I’m guided by feel—first choosing a colored background that speaks to me that particular day. Then my thoughts turn to composition and how certain forms may play off of each other, waiting for that moment of inspiration that says “this works”.  During this process, I feel like a puzzle sleuth, moving pieces (parts of images) together until they fit just right. After I’m settled with the composition, my focus turns to lines (shape and weight) and how they can help create a sense of movement for the eye. The line art can be used behind, in front and/or woven in between the main images in the composition. Once all the moving parts have settled into place, they are glued down to make the finished coaster. The icing on the cake is a message that emerges from the design and then short phrases or particular words are added for the final touch.

It goes without saying, of course, that vintage ads, diagrams, line drawings are a constant source of inspiration for me... discovering lots of treasures in all my thrift store antique mall ventures. As I work with sewing patterns, Interesting shapes within images of people really inspire my imagination too. I love to look at the figures in terms of angled legs/arms, head placement and expression. It’s funny, but as I working, I actually feel like I’m in the land of “make believe” in my mind, playing the person in the image and what it would feel like to be that pose (and dress, gloves, hat, etc.)!  Then there is color, I’m always inspired by colors and wondering what happens when certain combinations come together. And lastly, it inspires me to create something new from something old—giving it a whole new life of its own."

Mary was kind enough to send me one of her beautiful coasters. I love to sit in my comfy vintage chair and knit while I watch movies and sip hot cocoa but I haven't been able to find any coasters to match my vintage decor. My side tables are original 1950's and I hate to get water rings on them. Mary's coasters are big enough to fit my fab 50's coffee mugs! 

The Giveaway
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