Tutorial: Grace Kelly Swept Back Hairstyle


Grace Kelly styling her hair

Grace Kelly hair style

My first Grace Kelly hair tutorial this week is her back-swept  look. This look also works well for a Mad Men inspired Betty Draper hairstyle.  I really thought that my hair would be too short for this look but it worked out pretty well! This style would be beautiful on shoulder length hair as well.

Grace Kelly inspired outfit via Va-Voom Vintage

I'm using large pin curls for this tutorial. All are stand-up pin curls, meaning they stand away from the head instead of laying flat. This is a ridiculous looking pin curl set until you brush out.

Grace Kelly hair tutorial via Va-Voom Vintage

Start by sectioning hair into 4 parts.
The top- from hairline to the back of your crown
The sides- from the hairline to about an inch behind the ear
The back- from the top of your crown to the nape of your neck.

The back (green ) section- I don't have much hair so I did  two medium sized pin curls at the nape of my neck, both rolled up and one row of two pin curls for the rest, both also rolled up. Sorry, gals! I was getting ready for work while I did this and the back is a hot mess. See, not all pin curls are always perfect but they work out just fine when you brush them out.

Grace Kelly vintage pin curl hair style how to

The top (shown in white arrows)-  I wanted these pin curls to be pretty big so I used a cold curling iron to help roll it to uniform size. Two goofy looking pin curls in the front, both rolled back. Section the rest into one row, 3 large pin curls. The top two are rolled towards the back of the head. The last one at the top of your crown is rolled forward, towards the front of your head.

The sides (in red arrows)- separate this into two sections.

The hair in front of your ear is broken into two sections, to be rolled into two large pin curls, rolled up and back

the rest is one row of 3-4 pin curls, alternating rolling one up, one down, one up and so on. This will form a nice wave when we brush out.

Grace Kelly vintage pin curl hair style how to

Next, I went to work. I looked like George Washington with this crazy pin curl set so I tied on a scarf to not feel so silly.

 Once dry (the next morning for me), remove the pin curls and brush it all back, smoothing out any frizz and breaking up the curl. I used the tiniest dab (dime sized or smaller) of Garnier Fructis Bold It! Power Putty. I'm sure that any creamy styling putty or even an anti frizz serum would work to keep it all sleek and smooth. Just rub it in your palms and run your fingers through your hair.

Grace Kelly hair tutorial via Va-Voom Vintage

 Next I used some of these duck bill clips to hold the sides in place. My hair has a habit of falling forward so this helps. If you don't have these clips, a few bobby pins would be fine.

how to do easy classic grace kelly vintage hair style tutorial

Give it a good coat of hairspray, especially on the sides and top, allow the spray to dry and remove the clips

My outfit today was inspired by Grace. Grace was always effortless, classic and simple in her looks.
 It's very cold here so I wore one of my favorite grey a-line wool skirts which is always a classic, a pussy bow blouse with understated floral print and pistachio green cardigan. Grace kept her accessories to a minimum -unlike myself who tends to go overboard. I wore my pink Lucite bangle as my one flashy accessory, accompanied by a string of creamy delicate pearls, over-sized tortoiseshell sunglasses and a large navy handbag. Practical flats and belt to cinch in the waist completes the look.

how to dress like Grace Kelly

60's pussy bow blouse- thrifted, salvation army
modern green cardigan- thrifted somewhere!
belt-thrifted, st vincent de paul
 new black flats-walmart
vintage lucite bangle-antique mall
vintage navy handbag-thrifted, value village
faux pearls-thrifted, st vincent de paul
vintage sunglasses-gift from my best friend for my birthday

how to style your hair like Grace Kelly


  1. Fantastic! Your hair is the perfect length for a Grace hairstyle! Great job mama! xox

  2. Your hair looks so timelessly pretty like this. I love how back swept styles often make one look like they've had a mini face lift, even when (like you, gorgeous gal) they don't need one at all. Just a great perk of this type of 'do.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. A lovely look! Great tutorial. Like Jessica said, very timeless. I'm giggling at your comments about the back being a hot mess in your pin curl set. Dare I confess that sometimes I forget to even look at the back of my head after brushing out my set? Oh dear. lol

    You look very Grace-inspired indeed in that outfit, too!

  4. Love your outfit, you look sooooo Grace Kelly.

  5. Sooooo gorgeous! Now on behalf of all of us who wish we were hard-core vintage wearers, I wonder if you might (sometime in the future when it isn't Grace Kelly week) do a post on how you actually tie the headscarf! I tried it on myself and looked....well....less than fabulous! Will continue to read all week! :)

    1. You got it! I have several different ways to tie a scarf here:
      and this one is a 1940's braided updo using a long scarf

  6. Looking lovely-as always. Thanks for all the Grace Kelly snippets and styling. Loving that low neck line pussy bow blouse-not too prim-just what the doctor ordered. xx Shauna

  7. Wow! You totally nailed it! I'll Grace Kelly reproduction lipstick you wore on your wedding day, she would have approved!


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