grace kelly chic mom vintage fashion

She was an actress, a Princess, human rights activist, a philanthropist and above all, a mother. Grace always looked flawlessly fashionable while juggling work, family life and personal time. She knew that just because you have diapers to change, doesn't mean you can't look fantastic while doing it. Princess Grace had three children, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie.

grace kelly chic mom vintage fashion

 A large handbag is a must for a vintage momma. That bag can hold a few diapers, snack crackers, baby wipes and lipstick and compact for a quick touch up on the go. Although Grace wouldn't have had compact disposable diapers back then, I was a cloth diapering mom and I could easily fold up a few cloth in a bag this size. Grace was so well known for carrying an over-sized purse that the Hermes handbag became known as "The Kelly Bag"

 For those first few weeks as a new mom, there's nothing I'd rather do than curl up with my babe in a silky, comfortable bed jacket.If you can't find a vintage bed jacket that you love, a slinky peach nightgown is an elegant alternative.

When it's cold outside, you spend so much time getting the kids bundled up that if you spend any amount of time readying yoruself, the kids will be sweating. Grace has a fabulous coat that she can slip into in seconds, with a cozy scarf, tucked into the coat and simple matching hat.

 The Princess gets a little help from the nurse on this outing. She wears a neutral, classic suit with white gloves, loose swept back hair and a little puppy brooch that I'm certain (from personal experience) that her kids loved to try to play with every time she held them.

 In the 70's, Grace maintains those timeless lines in her clothes. A basic trench and black patent handbag, which you can see behind what was perhaps her daughter's beaded purse. Grace knew that she'd get plenty of mileage and comfort out of a pair of black flats.

grace kelly chic mom vintage fashion

On the boat with the family, Grace wears a floral print dress (which may be more of a two piece outfit, but I can't tell) with a scarf to keep that sea breeze from messing up her hair and her famous sunglasses. 

 Out with the kids and pup, Grace sports a sleek, minimalist hairstyle, easy geometric print dress belted at the waist to show off her figure. The kids are grown now so she enjoys carrying a smaller handbag. Low heel shoes keep a girl walking as tall as she feels.

grace kelly chic mom vintage fashion

I never wear very light colors with two toddlers running around so I hope to be able to enjoy it as much as Grace did when her kids got older. A beautiful creamy coat dress with elegant bracelet and earrings and that trademark swept back hair makes this glamorous outfit stunningly simple.

Based on the looks above, here are 15 items for a chic mom style inspired by Princess Grace.

Grace Kelly Chic Mom Style