Well, I have very exciting news to share today....we signed a lease on an adorable house in the historic district and we got the keys last night! We dropped by this morning so I could take a ridiculous amount of pictures. We have a beautiful rose bush, a cute little bird house, metal awnings on all of the windows and a funny little bread/root vegetable box in the kitchen drawer.

 The house was built in 1930, in Frenchtown- a historic neighborhood of St Charles, Missouri. Frenchtown is a neat little place. It was almost completely under water during the great flood of 1993 and has since become pretty run down and sad. In the past few years, new businesses and home owners have been doing their best to fix up the town and restore it to its former beauty. Destroyed buildings are being torn down, old ones are being painted and cleaned up and new parks are being built. There are a lot of cute new gift shops opening up and houses ready for new owners.There's a load of amazing history behind my new neighborhood but I"ll share that later...

 Our little house is quite small and cozy. It only has two bedrooms but there's a huge basement, dining room, vintage kitchen, small fenced in yard and all sorts of beautiful vintage details. I cannot wait to get it all decorated with my retro furniture and decor but I'm too excited to wait to show it off.

The livingroom has stained glass windows and a decorative fireplace

old, pink tiles in the bathroom...and it has a pink and white swirled sink!
 My fabulous vintage kitchen...yellow counters and tiles will look awesome with my retro aqua kitchen theme

Another room? No- this is my second wardrobe! It's a closet off the dining room with three sturdy metal bars for hanging my clothes plus shelving up top for shoes and other fashion shenanigans.

from my back yard- my little house with cellar doors leading to the epically huge basement and that little side porch goes right into my kitchen- a favorite feature in this house

the dining room, which will be super cute one I make some vintage kitchen curtains and get my retro dinette set in here. The wooden panels are hideous but hey, it's vintage! haha!

What's this? Well, I needed some new living room furniture and today was a gorgeous day for a garage sale. Right up the street, I found this vintage vinyl rocker for $25- the exact amount that I had in cash in my purse. Meant to be? I think so! It's the same shade of green that's in my cushions from my retro sofa.

red wool circle skirt-thrifted
patterned blouse-modern, thrifted
grey cardi-thrifted
lucite "B" initial brooch- etsy
vintage peep toe wedges-estate sale