Well, chickadees, I'm getting the rest of my moving done this weekend and since I don't have to work till Tuesday, I'm unpacking, hanging my clothes, getting situated in the new place. I just started hanging my clothes (which are currently in trash bags for easy moving) and I think if I did it non-stop with no sleep, it would take me a week to complete! I'm really excited about my new, sturdy closets and new storage/display possibilities for everything. My sister is coming tomorrow to help unpack and hang clothes and I am so thankful for her help!!

In other news, do you think it's too early for garden planning? With the amount of produce that my children consume in a week, I think growing our own really is the only way to do it. I started a Pinterest board today with some really awesome garden ideas. Victory Garden, anyone?

While I'm away, I thought I'd leave you with a few recently found blog reads that I have been enjoying a lot lately.

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Have a lovely weekend, everyone!